Why Distributors are Excited About Power BI

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While the digital transformation of many business processes is really hitting its stride, some distributors still get reports in spreadsheets. But columns of profit and loss data without meaningful context to make sense of it all is no longer a practical way to run your business. That’s why distributors are excited about Power BI.

Imagine having a single tool to connect all your data from multiple sources and transform it into interactive, consolidated insight. Microsoft designed Power BI  to help you see your business from end to end in a meaningful and impactful way. Empower your team to monitor performance, identify opportunities and trends, and take action from any device or location.

No, reporting isn’t generally exciting, but look what distributors can do with Power BI.

A powerful tool for distributors

Distributors need visibility throughout their supply chain operation and across their entire organization. With spreadsheets, that’s nearly impossible to attain. Spreadsheet information is often outdated as soon as it’s entered. Real-time data is crucial.

Power BI is not just a reporting tool; it’s a business intelligence tool, an interactive data visualization tool, and a collaborative decision-directing tool.Power BI Inventory Dashboard

Replace out-of-date spreadsheets with accurate intelligence

Power BI allows you to automatically centralize information from multiple internal and external sources (not just Microsoft applications) and view it in easily understood, interactive dashboards. Your team no longer has to move information from one system to another manually.

Design your dashboards in the way most helpful to you. They can be colorful, engaging, and populated with charts, graphs, maps, lists, etc. The options are endless. You can easily embed your dashboards into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP solution. Save, print, or share them any way you wish.

These dashboards are great for distributors. You can see an overview of your whole operation, or you can drill down into specific data with just a click. See details as well as context for a complete picture and better understanding.

Distribution companies differ. The real power behind Power BI comes with the flexibility to tailor your view of your data to what’s most important to you and present it in a way you can use. Western Computer’s distribution and Power BI expertise will be a huge asset for helping you get the most value out of your data.

Power BI reports and dashboards that our distribution customers love

Here are just some of the processes made more efficient and valuable with Power BI:


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance’s dimensional accounting with Power BI completely transforms your financial reporting capabilities. You can track anything useful to you: revenue, costs, performance, etc. You can track by category:  customer, product group, sales team, etc. The possibilities are endless. You can view budgets vs. actuals and variances in real-time and all in one place.

Accounts Receivable
Quickly drill down into invoice details and customer transaction history.

Fixed Assets
You can track fixed assets from purchase to disposition.

Sales Performance

Track your sales and fulfillment pipeline by revenue, cost, customer, or any category you want to see. All your data is under one roof, and it all makes sense.

Audit completed sales and other performance indicators.

Vendor Performance
Track total or individual vendor transaction histories at any level.

Product Performance
Maintain an overview of product performance and history, including revenue, costs, and completed sales.

Inventory Turnover
Proactively monitor your inventory to identify trends and expectations. Avoid overstocks and backorders and know when to move products to a more favorable location.

Gross Margin
See your margins in real-time and drill down into the details behind the numbers.

Landed Cost
See your actual landed costs for more accurate budgeting and forecasting.

Booked Orders
Keep abreast of the status of your open orders.

Warehouse Employee Performance
Monitor the productivity and performance of your warehouse operations to see where you can optimize processes and avoid bottlenecks.

On-Time Delivery

Easily track orders from inception to delivery to improve customer satisfaction.

 What can Power BI mean for your distribution business?

Would you like to find out how Power BI could transform your business reporting? We’d be happy to show you. Contact  Western Computer today for a personalized Power BI demonstration.

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