Importance of Warehouse Management for Manufacturers

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Importance of Warehouse Management for ManufacturersHaving a compact warehouse management system in place is crucial for manufacturers to be successful. There are four tools that are helpful in optimizing your WMS:

  • Warehouse design
  • Instinctive reorder points
  • Supply chain management
  • Barcode scanning

These things work off of one another to establish an environment wherein manufacturers can succeed. Have a look at how they all work together.

Warehouse design

One of the biggest heists in the manufacturing process is often the amount of time it takes to pick all of the raw materials and goods that are littered throughout a warehouse. Everything in BOMs must be close by and all set to start manufacturing a certain product. So, in the event that you can abbreviate the worker hours you spend picking orders, you will truly support your productivity.

The following are a couple of ways you can do precisely that:

  • Overhaul your warehouse format to put items that are frequently used together next to each other on a similar side and rack. An advanced warehouse management system will help uncover these combinations.
  • Put high-use things nearer to the workspace and getting inlet. This saves time on both the receiving and manufacturing processes.
  • Map out your picking route on a barcode scanner or other mobile device so that you can go through your warehouse once and no need to turn around and keep doing the same rounds again and again.

Instinctive reorder point

Having a well-planned warehouse design is an extraordinary thought, yet it won’t help you if you don’t have the right number of parts in that warehouse to enable manufacturing. Having fewer items in stock will lead to out-of-stock and delays while having over-stock may lead to needlessly high carrying costs. Instinctive reorder points with its tools help in maintaining an amount of inventory in each warehouse.


Similarly, as the effectiveness of your warehouse design is reliant on having the right stock in your warehouse, instinctive reorder points focus on the presence of supply chain management. It’s important for manufacturers to maintain good relationships with their suppliers or vendors. A good way to keep track of all of this is to use an advanced warehouse management system that lets you track product movements, integrate with your accounting solution, and set default vendors for all of your parts and products.

Barcode scanning

We briefly mentioned barcode scanners in the Warehouse Design segment, presently we should dig further into why these instruments are so significant in manufacturing. A little barcode scanner does two major things:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce errors

Scanning barcodes to pick materials, reorder items, and receive items into your warehouse makes those procedures go much quicker than attempting to hand type them or record them. Your warehouse workers can accomplish significantly more in a similar measure of time when they’re not secure by out-of-date rehearses.

Wrapping it up

Planning and maintaining your warehouse management system by using a great design, instinctive reorder points, supply chains, and barcode scanners is a big advantage for manufacturers. Also, it permits you to move faster, be leaner, and ensure the correctness of your inventory information at each stage of manufacturing. All you can do is by implementing an advanced warehouse management system. You should review one of the best warehouse management software i.e., MetaWMS. It’s an Advanced Warehouse Solution, an extension for Dynamics 365 Business Central that provides unprecedented visibility and control over your warehouse operations.

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