How LS Retail Partner helps retailers in buying LS Retail software license?

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How LS Retail Partner helps retailers in buying LS Retail software license?Is it true that you are using LS Retail software in your retail stores, restaurants, or pharmacies? Do you know that having an active LS Retail subscription license gives you a lot more noteworthy adaptability than with a traditional perpetual license?

Subscription or perpetual license?

Some of the differences between a subscription license and a perpetual license are:

  • A perpetual license is a traditional model: you own the license and can utilize the software for as much as you want; nonetheless, you have to pay for the whole investment upfront. You can also pay for improvements, and have access to the most updated version of the software.
  • With a subscription license, you reserve the option to utilize the software & services for as much as you pay. It is having a more adaptability arrangement than a perpetual license, as you can increase or decrease license modules as required, and you can even choose if you want to get an invoice monthly or annually. Additionally, as long as you are on subscription, you can continue to enhance, support, and upgrade your solution

Why choose an LS Retail subscription license?

If you still determining whether a subscription is right for your business or not, here are some of the top benefits you should consider:

Proceed or interrupt the service, as you want

However long you are paying for your subscription, you can utilize the software & service. In case you change your mind, you can cancel the subscription license. You can stop paying, and at this point, you will no longer have the right to use the software solution after the end of the tenure.

Get software solution upgrades

However long you stay on a functioning subscription, you have access to up-to-date software product upgrades. This implies that you may upgrade between product versions at no additional cost.

Access product support

We offer 24/7 support for licenses on active subscriptions. This support covers everything from bug fixes to licensing problems. To access support, you just need to contact your LS Retail implementation Partner. MetaOption is an LS Retail software partner that helps your retail business with LS Retail Functionalities.

Grow your capabilities with product improvements

An active subscription also gives you the ability to improve your solutions by adding additional modules such as extra functionalities, objects, stores, and POSs.

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For any assistance, our experts here at MetaOption helps you in taking the best decision with a tailored demonstration.

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