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Do you have employees working remotely? At the beginning of COVID-19, many workers were prohibited from going to their places of business. Regulations have loosened, but many organizations realized that remote work was not only possible but, in many cases, desirable. Perhaps your company has remote workers.

In the beginning, there was a learning curve for the technology essential for video conferencing and remote collaboration. But we've pretty much mastered that. Employees can work and meet virtually just as successfully as they did in conference rooms and around the water cooler.

Now the challenge is engagement.  It can be a challenge to maintain employee engagement and keep morale up when the workforce is scattered. Teleconferencing and streamed meetings are invaluable, but with everyone in their own isolated bubble, perhaps in different states and time zones, the group dynamic can suffer.

And less engagement leads to less productivity. A convivial, engaged workforce will help your company excel, so it's in your organization's best interest to build engagement and esprit-de-corps among your remote workers.

So, how can you keep them engaged, productive, and happy? Here are three tips to help your organization achieve that goal:

Communicate and interact across multiple platforms

The technology is available. Now you must make sure you're using it to stay in touch with your employees. Send updates, news, and other information via email, messaging, videos, etc. Make sure nobody is overlooked, even those who don't have a company email address. Schedule social or team-building events via teleconferencing or streaming video and encourage everyone to participate. Keep your communications frequent and helpful, but don't bombard everyone with things they don't need to know. Information overload could cause them to tune out.

Remain accessible  

You, as well as your software platforms, need to be accessible to your employees. If they are expecting to work from anywhere, be sure you have cloud-enabled software that they can access easily from their homes or on the go. Portability and flexibility make remote working possible.

Also, for new hires and onboarding, make sure training and orientation are available online and on-demand, ideally in one central place for ease of use. Assure workers that they have access to you or someone you designate if they have questions, feedback, or other concerns. Invite suggestions for remote team-building activities and comments on what's working and what isn't. Make sure all of your employees feel seen and heard.

Empower them with employee self-service


You can foster engagement by empowering your remote workers. One way to do this is through self-service apps.  When it comes to payroll and HR software, include employee self-service features so that your employees can access and edit their personal information remotely. You'll allow workers to feel in control of their data; that will increase their satisfaction and engagement. A bonus is that self-service takes some of the workload off your HR and payroll staff, as they won't have to act as intermediaries between your employees and their profiles for minor questions and data changes.

Empowering and engaging remote employees is a real challenge in this climate, but with the right tools and the right attitude, it's doable. If you want more information about using a payroll and HR platform that includes employee self-service and cloud-based accessibility, contact our team at Greenshades.

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