How Field Service Companies Can Communicate Stronger During a Crisis

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Reliable communication and record-keeping aren’t optional for field service companies. They are a necessity. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for reliable communication and up-to-date records has increased exponentially. Why?

The Problems Companies Are Facing

For service and installation companies, about 95 percent of staff members’ time is spent outside of the office. That means to remain efficient they need a reliable way to communicate with dispatchers to get updates on the following:

  • When and where to provide services
  • What services are needed and what tools to bring
  • Information on last-minute schedules or job changes
  • Current COVID-19 status and regulations

Additionally, due to COVID-19, many regional governments are requiring additional steps for field service companies and their workers. Some common requirements include:

  • COVID testing every 48 hours for field workers
  • Validation to ensure the job site is COVID-free
  • Information on how to enter the job site so that the field worker and customer do not come into contact
  • Safety reminders sent to field workers before and after each job
  • Safety checklist to ensure protocol has been followed
  • Records of the above-mentioned requirements and their results

Dependable communication saves time and money. And during a pandemic, it directly impacts employee health and safety. Field service companies need a system to ensure proper documentation and information are distributed, collected, and recorded in a reliable way.

ExpandIT Provides the Answer

The ExpandIT solution for service and installation companies has multiple communication and reporting capabilities. It helps businesses stay up-to-date and on the same page, so nothing slips through the cracks.

The ExpandIT solution consists of three main components:

1)  ExpandIT Service Portal

This portal allows customers to communicate directly with company staff. They have access to:

  • Integrated messaging
  • Collaboration with the office or field worker
  • Document-sharing

That means no more lengthy calls to the customer service department. Customers ask can questions, share concerns, and access important documents all through the ExpandIT Service Portal.

2)  ExpandIT Field Service

Built for field workers, ExpandIT Field Service has a mobile client that runs online or offline on any mobile device, tablet, or laptop. From here, field workers can:

  • Message office staff
  • Contact the end-customer
  • Access document-sharing capabilities
  • Keep important documents such as worksheets, reports, and regulatory forms digitally instead of on paper

3)  ExpandIT Resource Planning

This tool allows planners and dispatchers to assign workers to specific jobs and track where they are at all times. Planners can:

  • Send messages to or attach pictures and documents for field workers
  • Add important comments and instructions to specific job documentation that can be shared with the service technician in the field
  • Send comments directly to the end-customer through the integrated ExpandIT Service Portal
  • Add documents and files for both the field worker and the end-customer

The ExpandIT solution improves operational efficiencies, ensures compliance, and enhances customer experience. As if the above-mentioned benefits aren’t enough, it also seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, NAV, Finance and Operations, and AX.

Is ExpandIT Right for You?

Real-time communication and accurate records are vital to field service companies. With digital record keeping, advanced communication capabilities, virtual meetings, and seamless integration, ExpandIT is helping companies stay ahead of the curve during this time of crisis. Think it might be right for you?

Learn more about how the ExpandIT solution could help your company maximize productivity and move forward despite challenges by requesting your free demo today.

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