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Your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution could be said to be the heart of your business. It securely automates your financial processes and protects and utilizes your data for greater accuracy and efficiency. VicinityFood is a management system designed for food manufacturing businesses and built to integrate seamlessly with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution.

What to expect from VicinityFood for Microsoft Dynamics ERP

VicinityFood by Vicinity Software is flexible and scalable. It allows you to integrate the various parts of your operations while driving business growth.  VicinityFood will tightly integrate production with accounting and provide employees the real-time information they need to do their jobs better.  Manage limitless recipes, improve inventory visibility and control, enhance quality assurance, eliminate redundancies, reduce costs - and most of all, experience smart growth.

VicinityFood is a good investment

VicinityFood is a good investment for your food manufacturing business because it will automate, organize and drive your business processes toward greater productivity, increasing profits. Here are five good reasons why VicinityFood software for your Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution is a good investment:

1. Increased profitability

With VicinityFood software, you can easily see which processes are low-yield and take appropriate corrective action. You can define formula costs during research and development based on current inventory figures. Determine expenses for materials, labor, packaging, and production by batch. You can see updated raw materials costs in real-time based on market values and make substitutions if advantageous.

2. Increased productivity

With VicinityFood, your team will spend less time manually inputting data and compiling it for analysis. You can streamline your entire quality control process with security and accuracy. Vicinity allows users to query any data in the system using familiar Microsoft tools. View real-time representations of production schedules with the ability to make rapid adjustments. Create multiple finished goods items from one single batch ticket eliminating the need to create intermediate/bulk batches.

3. Streamlined compliance

VicinityFood software for Dynamics ERP lets you manage, track, and check all results by individual batch, raw material items, or finished goods. Automate compliance with regulatory and customer-driven requirements such as COAs or Product Spec Sheets. Avoid disruptions by efficiently generating COAs. Track quality control results by batch, recipe, and ingredient lots. Track ingredient lots throughout production and to end-users. Integrate nutritional values of ingredients from the USDA database or ESHA’s Genesis application

4. Decreased operating costs

VicinityFood lets you consolidate product runs into larger batches using integrated forecasts and current production schedules. Streamlined data entry and transparency allow you to identify unusually high production costs and initiate corrective steps quickly. You can view actual expenses by product, formula, or production facility over a certain period. Preemptively calculate your product’s date of expiration based on stated shelf-life.

5. Improved customer experiences

Information in VicinityFood allows you to maintain consistency among batches.  Streamlined sales order management will increase the visibility of order status and optimize deliveries. Quickly pull up supporting documents for the customer’s R&D and quality assurances. Anticipate potential raw material shortfalls well in advance based on projected production schedules and current inventory levels.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP and VicinityFood for the win

Powered by a team of developers, technical experts, and business consultants, all based in the U.S., Vicinity is known for introducing the first software product for formula-based manufacturing in the Microsoft Dynamics reseller space. By delivering the most robust and flexible software available to our market, we help companies of all sizes manage limitless recipes, improve inventory visibility and control, enhance quality assurance, eliminate redundancies, reduce costs - and most of all, experience smart growth

We’d love the opportunity to talk with you about how VicinityFood can benefit your food or beverage manufacturing business. Contact our experts at Vicinity Software today to learn more or schedule a demo.

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