Five Great Reasons to Implement Barcode Scanning

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Warehouse female worker scanning a barcode on a boxed item

For manufacturers and distributors, controlling your inventory is crucial. You need to know at all times what you have on hand and exactly where to find it. You need to be able to track item trends to see what’s selling and what’s not, what needs to be ordered, and how soon.  It only makes sense to use the best tools available to you. A great tool is barcode scanning technology. Barcode scanning can help take the tedium and inaccuracy out of taking inventory. That will give you valuable insight, allow you to optimize inventory levels, and help you control expenses.

We’ve identified five great reasons to implement barcode scanning technology:

1. Simplicity

In fact, barcode scanning is much easier than manually entering hundreds of item descriptions and related data onto spreadsheets.

When your inventory items have unique barcode labels,  you can easily add whatever information makes sense for your business. Then you can retrieve your data for one item or batches of items with one easy scan. Information can be kept in real-time through integration with your other office systems.

2. Security

Security has to be a priority with so much at stake. Even small mistakes can cost you not only money but, more importantly, your customers. Barcode technology eliminates the human-error risk of using manually populated spreadsheets. Barcode data is traceable and fully auditable. Deter loss, theft, and liability,  and increase peace of mind with this easy-to-use solution.

3. Cost-effectiveness

Barcoding provides automatic product identification, high-speed recognition, and data confirmation. Scanning also lowers your overhead and cuts down on labor and training time, increasing productivity. Identifying excess inventory can reduce expenses and lower costs. Knowing precisely what is on hand will prevent both idle inventory and back-ordering.

Inventory can significantly impact your taxes. Knowing the exact amount of stock on hand will allow you to make tax deductions accurately.

4. Efficiency

Manually entering inventory takes a great deal of time. Then more time is spent updating your spreadsheets when the items leave your facility. And have your employees ever wasted time physically searching for items in your warehouse? With barcoding, you prevent those time wasters.

5. Accuracy

Manually keying in item numbers and data can be a real pain. And handwriting the information is even worse.  It’s been said that for every thousand manual keystrokes, there is an average of ten errors. With automated barcode scanning, there is only one error in ten thousand scans. Errors often result in overstocking, misplaced items, and shipment delays. Data mistakes can impact the reputation of your business.

Let ArcherPoint help with barcode technology

If you are new to barcoding, you don’t have to go it alone. Our team at ArcherPoint has expertise in warehouse management systems (WMS) and can help you with a plan and then get you up and running. Contact ArcherPoint to learn more about data collection in the warehouse and to discuss how barcode scanning technology can take your business to the next level.

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