Top benefits of Landed Cost Tracking in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Top benefits of Landed Cost Tracking in the Pharmaceutical IndustryLanded Cost Tracking (LCT) provides visibility of imported goods through shipment tracking and empowers more noteworthy control of all related expenses, resulting in precise landed costs. It empowers you to track shipments of imported goods, display the progress and estimated arrival times of shipments and establish a solid gauge of the overall cost of imported goods. Moreover, it helps with the calculation of a more precise actual cost at which to get the goods and provides an actual cost comparison to the various estimates made throughout the procurement cycle.

The Pharmaceutical companies face challenges of improving/sustaining on-time deliveries, cut back inventory whereas still having the flexibility to reply to shorter lead times, with advanced planning and tools to manage sudden events like break downs, rush orders, changing customer priorities, etc. Whereas, Meta-Pharma is an ERP Solution for Pharmaceutical built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central meets the requirements of your growing Pharma business and helps to track the landed cost with the functionality of LCT.

Benefits of Landed Cost Tracking

  • Identification of all price components related to imported goods for better estimates of landed costs
  • Estimated landed costs for every product through correct costs apportioning supported volume, value, quantity, etc.
  • Tracking of shipment arrival dates
  • Pre-costing of shipments for efficient receipting
  • Multiple tariff codes
  • Goods Received Note system to trace component costs for correct invoice matching
  • Automatic update of predictable arrival date once shipping date is revising.
  • Archiving of completed shipments and related costs

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