A Power Platform Success Story: Western Computer Delivers New Automations and Insights

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The Microsoft Power Platform combines four robust applications into a centralized platform, making it easier than ever to connect your data, build applications, unify your teams and streamline your business. And there’s no coding required!

Power Platform includes:

  • Power BI – create data visualizations, dashboards, and reports
  • Power Apps – build a range of custom business apps
  • Power Automate –create, automate, and streamline complex processes
  • Power Virtual Agents – create powerful chatbots that leverage different Microsoft / Azure frameworks.

Power Platform Use Case Screenshot

medical claims management organization recently came to Western Computer for help with two of the most common areas organizations want to improve--efficiency and visibility.  An additional challenge was their process for reviewing cases involves multiple stages for staff to work through–and these stages are different for each customer.

Unique challenges need unique solutions, and that’s what Western Computer delivered. Leveraging Dynamics 365 Customer Service and the Power Platform apps, Power Automate and Power BI, both teams shared creative ideas and enjoyed a fun and successful project together.


Not Your Everyday Case Management

Initially, the anticipated solution sounded like a traditional case management process involving queues, routing, and escalations. However, Western Computer CRM discovered after conversations with the client that their cases and process don’t fit the standard mold. This required a different approach.


“When I sent our business case to a couple of other IT firms, they were stuck in the coding world. I wanted a solution that was scalable and easy for end-users to understand, not an 8-week IT project. With Western Computer, it was okay that I didn’t know the exact        requirements upfront and we had the flexibility to do things on the fly.”
– Manager, Accounting & Data Analytics


The Challenges

One challenge our client wanted to overcome was that staff in the morning would have to export data from Dynamics 365 into an Excel spreadsheet and manually filter and rearrange this data to provide nurses their case work for the day and analyses for managers. This process alone consumed 4 to 5 hours every day.

The second was making case management more efficient for users. And, perhaps most important, was gaining full transparency and visibility for users, managers, and customers with real-time insights into each stage of a case.


Building the Solution

Western Computer built a solution that would help the organization achieve its goals, particularly focused on efficiency, visibility, and scalability.


Dynamics 365 Customer Service

The first step was creating business process flows (BPFs) in Dynamics 365 Customer Service to visually guide agents through each stage of the case. Custom case fields were added for the steps in the BPF stages and custom tables were created in D365 Customer Service to store records that will be used for reporting.


Power Automate

Power Automate was then used to build flows that trigger and create the actual reporting records as cases move from stage to stage, including:

  • When the case entered and exited the stage
  • Who pushed the case to the next stage
  • Duration of the stage
  • Priority

These guided workflows save agents time and help them visually see the case progression and action items. The data records are automatically created and can be used for robust, consolidated reporting in both Customer Service and Power BI for users, managers, and customers.


Power BI

Our client now has the data and records needed to create meaningful reports in Power BI with the metrics most valuable to agents and managers. These reports can be securely accessed and viewed with real-time insights on each stage of every case, including color-coded visuals that are easy to drill down into details. This provides a proactive platform to quickly monitor and analyze where bottlenecks may be happening in case resolution, or if a particular user needs help.

In addition to creating internal Power BI reports, they can easily create visual dashboards and reports with focused KPIs and outcomes tailored to each customer. This not only gives them a competitive edge when talking to potential new customers, it boosts confidence and loyalty when they can provide this level of information and accountability to their customers.


Maximum Flexibility for Ongoing Improvements

Western Computer’s culture is driven by helping customers be self-sufficient and successful, which was reflected in this solution for our client. They worked together to design a flexible and sustainable foundation for the future.

The organization can recreate, rearrange, and repurpose the solution to onboard new customers much faster and easier than before, even when they have unique cases, stages and reporting requirements.


“It’s exciting to have an accurate foundation we can build upon and use in multiple ways. I have loved working with Western Computer and appreciate they really listened to my vision throughout the project and continue helping us move that vision forward.”
- Manager, Accounting & Data Analytics


Exploring the Power of Power Platform

You can also view our Power Platform use case for an at-a-glance look at the benefits Power Platform and Western Computer delivered for our client.

Creative solutions like these offer unlimited possibilities for our customers and Western Computer is here to help with diverse expertise across applications, industries, and integrations. Interested in learning more about the potential of Power Platform for your business? Browse our Power Platform resources today and contact us today to start the conversation.

By Western Computer, westerncomputer.com

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