Benefits of ERP Integration with an eCommerce Platform

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Why ERP Integration with an eCommerce Platform is important? the recent pandemic has transformed the world in every aspect. Businesses are no exception with their dynamics completely changed. Working remotely and buying online is the new normal. Consequently, more and more organizations have migrated to the eCommerce site. The phenomenal benefits, features, and convenience of online stores are helping businesses to win more customers and to expand beyond geographical boundaries. This is not a short-lived reality. Businesses that do not meet the emerging trend, will vanish sooner or later.

But the real challenge businesses are facing right now is how to efficiently manage their online presence. An online store requires constant monitoring and updates; this ensures that the customers are presented with the right products and the right prices and also makes sure that the business can deliver what the customer demands. In other words, eliminate out-of-stock product orders. Also, customer expectations of swift order processing and delivery increase; as per the standards set by companies like Amazon.

To meet these requirements of efficiently managing the eCommerce business, the best tool available to the organizations is their ERP system. Since the item information including the prices and inventory levels are constantly getting updated in the ERP system, and the orders are usually fulfilled by the ERP system. The ERP system becomes the best tool to seamlessly manage the eCommerce store with minimum human interaction.

Advantages of ERP-eCommerce Integration:

Perfect integration between the two units i.e., the ERP and the eCommerce is critical to maintain an always current online storefront and to keep pace with competitive market demand. x2x eCommerce, with a rich experience of implementing ERP solutions, custom solution development, and eCommerce sites implementation offers seamless and efficient integration between the ERP and eCommerce solutions. In this blog, we will try to share some of the prominent business benefits of the ERP Integration with an eCommerce Platform

Benefits of ERP Integration with an eCommerce Platform

Mitigate Human Errors:

A good ERP-eCommerce integration practically eliminates the chances of human errors and omissions which could cost dearly to the businesses. The common errors associated with the manual process include incorrect ordered quantities, wrong shipping address, incorrect inventory level status, missing or incomplete information, the chance of data redundancy, and most importantly accidental updating of incorrect prices. This all results in overhead costs, lost sales, and customer dissatisfaction.

Real-time Data Availability:

With the ERP-eCommerce integration, not only the correct inventory balances are updated on the eCommerce store to avoid accepting the orders of out-of-stock items, but the inventory data in ERP also factors in the quantities sold/ordered on the eCommerce site on a near real-time basis. The insight on the timely availability of the inventory levels at any given time is extremely important for the procurement to make buying decisions which, in turn, reduces the chances of lost sales and customers.

Greater Control and Insight:

Customer engagement and knowing your customer is the need of the time. eCommerce data availability in the system makes it easy to evaluate on-demand products according to demographics. This also helps in budgeting and planning and to helps devise a better marketing strategy.

Customer Satisfaction:

Up to date product information, proper order tracking details, and correct inventory status at the web store not only increase the efficiency of business but also gain customer trust. Satisfied customer feedback works in favor of business like no other market strategy ever will.

Lower Operational Costs:

Good integration between the ERP and eCommerce significantly reduces the costs. There is no need to hire additional staff to manage your eCommerce site to update items, prices, or images. Automatically download the orders, update fulfillment information, and charge the customer credit card without any manual interaction. This integration not only reduces the cost of labor significantly but also reduces the hidden cost of human errors.

So, If your client is planning to sell online or is looking for efficient eCommerce integration, x2x eCommerce is here. Feel free to reach out to us. We are here to assist you in deciding on an eCommerce solution and integration that works best for your business. Please visit our website:, email us:, or call us at +18889293266.

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