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Gartner reports 85% of finance teams are undergoing or planning a financial transformation. By harnessing the power of ERP software, your company can empower your finance department to become a more valuable business partner and achieve incredible growth. The following resources explore everything from multi-entity finances to security concerns. 


Binary Stream enables partner success for over twenty yearsDiscover how we’ve enabled partner success for 20+ years 

In this short video Jasbir Jaswal, our Director of Development and Professional Services, sits down to reflect on our recent successes—becoming a Microsoft 2021/2022 Inner Circle member and a Finalist for the 2021 Microsoft Partner of the Year.  He discusses the past ten years and what has set us apart from the competition. 


financial transformation challenges you can't ignore

The core financial transformation challenges you can’t ignore 

Too many companies misjudge the workload of a financial transformation, resulting in unsuccessful projects due to underlying issues. Check out our bloginfographic, or booklet to learn how to build a roadmap for success by identifying common challenges before you ever need to face them. 


Executive's guide to streamlining multi-entity f and o

Booklet | Executive’s guide to streamlining multi-entity finances and operations 

Many multi-entity companies struggle with optimizing operations while maintaining clear business valuation. ERP systems must have a superior foundation to quickly and cost-effectively provide and report data. This booklet delves into five features that are most important for executives. 


security is key when it comes to your healthcare ERP

Why security is key when it comes to your healthcare ERP 

Healthcare data breach costs averaged $9.23 million in 2021, making it the eleventh year in a row that the industry suffered the highest average data breach cost. This blog covers some of the challenges to protecting healthcare ERP data, so you can adopt the best practices to bolster your cyber-security. 

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