Looking for a Dynamics Replacement? Why Acumatica Is a Logical Next Step.

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Microsoft Dynamics is a very popular family of ERP software that thousands of businesses have loved on for years and still count on today. But what if you’re a Dynamics user whose thinking about switching systems, whether it is because your Dynamics software no longer has all the functionality you need, your business is growing and the licensing costs have become too high, or management feels it’s simply time to make a change. Whatever your reason for replacing Dynamics, the sheer number of choices you have in front of you can become overwhelming. Sometimes, this decision is easier if you can hear from people who have been where you are. That’s why we put together our latest E-guide, “Why Acumatica Is a Logical Next Step for Microsoft Dynamics Users.” Once you’ve read it, you’ll understand why Acumatica is one of the most popular Dynamics replacements.


In the E-guide, we will look at some ways choosing Acumatica as your Dynamics replacement can help you with:

  • Finance and Accounting–Slash the number of hours spent on check reconciliation from 35 to 2.
  • Reporting and Decision-Making–Save 80% on the cost of preparing consolidated reports.
  • Operations–Reduce the number of ERP related programs from 14 down to 4

In case those statistics weren’t enough to convince you that Acumatica makes a great Dynamics replacement, consider this. Last year Forrester Research Group interviewed four Acumatica clients about the economic benefits they’ve received since installing the software. A few of their surprising findings are as follows.

  1. $460,000 savings in licensing costs
  2. 15% increase in gross margin
  3. ROI of 66%

Want to learn more about how Acumatica has helped others who needed a Dynamics replacement? Get your free copy of our e-guide. Ready to find out more about Acumatica and what makes it the fastest growing cloud ERP? Visit our website.


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