Join Us for an Acumatica Demo in Person and Online September 16, 2021

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Whether you’re buying your first ERP, replacing an old system that's too expensive to maintain, or one that leaves you feeling like your systems stick together with chewing gum and twine because they can’t easily talk to one another, the decision is clear. You must adapt or risk damage to your business and its bottom line.

But there are so many ERP options to choose from and they often look very similar on the surface. So, it can be hard to tell one from another. One of the best ways to cut through the noise, to either create or cull a shortlist of your most promising options is to participate in ERP demos. They have many benefits ranging from, asking questions and getting clarity, to seeing who can deliver the tools and technology needed to meet your business goals.

But especially if you’re still in process of creating your ERP short list, you may not quite be ready for a one-on-one one demo where you could feel pressured into choosing a certain vendor before you’ve had time to finish the research process. If you can relate, a group demo might be a good choice. You get to see the software in action and have your questions answered without the pressure of a demo where you are the only participant.


Join our group Acumatica demo on 9/16.

On September 16, 2021, from 11:30 AM to 1 PM, Intelligent Technologies, Inc. will be hosting an Acumatica lunch and learn event where we will give an Acumatica demo, do a live Q&A and provide a catered lunch for all participants, both in person and online.

You will learn:

  1. Why Acumatica has emerged as the fastest growing cloud ERP in a sea of choices.
  2. How Acumatica’s policies support small and medium-size businesses like yours.
  3. What it means to future proof your business and why is it so crucial.

Don’t miss this opportunity for a low stress, up close look at Acumatica cloud ERP! Register for our lunch and learn now. Space is limited.

Not quite ready for an Acumatica demo? Prefer to do a little research on Acumatica on your own first to see if it might be a good fit for your business needs? Visit our website.

Questions about Acumatica or how to find the right ERP for your SMB? Contact us. Our experts are happy to help.

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