Top 5 ways Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central helps Manufacturers

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Top 5 ways Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central helps ManufacturersDynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one business management solution for small and medium-sized businesses that’s now available in the cloud as a robust, scalable solution to take your business to the next level with Cloud, (or On-Premises). By considering a vast range of business management functionalities including Manufacturing. This ERP implementation requires initial upfront costs. However, once the system is successfully deployed, it helps you obtain benefits within a short period of time while letting you gain a clear understanding of what you can expect down the line.

Here are the 5 ways Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central helps Manufacturers.

Basic Capacity Planning:

Dynamics Business Central increases the capacities of the manufacturing process. Arrange routings for PO and material requirements scheduling.

Machine Centers:

Business Central adds machine centers as capacities in the manufacturing process. Manage capacity for each machine or production resource on a detailed level for machine centers, and on a consolidated level for work centers. Use machine centers to store default information about manufacturing processes, such as setup times and default scrap percentages.

Standard Cost:

Worksheets allow companies to control in a reliable and efficient way to maintain the proper cost of inventory. Working with standard cost allows you to update in Business Central in the same way you would in an Excel spreadsheet.

Production Orders (PO):

It helps to create production orders and post-consumption and output. Also calculates net requirements based on PO. Using a manual supply planning tool as an alternative to instinctive planning. Get visibility and tools to manually plan for demand from sales lines and to create supply orders.

Analyze Business Data:

Business Intelligence is using by Dynamics 365 Business Central to assist end-users in data analysis and reporting. This works mainly with the help of dimensions. These dimensions in Business Central are custom attributes that can be assigned to a variety of different entry records. Also, it can then be grouped by similarities such as a region or product, and with reporting via account schedules. Business Intelligence accomplishes a variety of tasks including:

  • Comparing actual v/s budgeted amounts
  • Set up analysis views using dimensions
  • Create analysis reports for sales, purchases, and inventory
  • Establishing KPIs and analyzing financial performance

Dynamics 365 Business Central is the best ERP for manufacturers. With Dynamics 365 Business Central, you’ll be in a unique position to leverage the cloud-based technology to satisfy all your company’s manufacturing needs and requirements by connecting with the powerful tools, software, and apps into one seamless ERP system.

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