4 Reasons Why App Stores Benefit your ERP

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As everyone knows, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a great tool that fits a broad range of what a business needs from an ERP. It covers all the bases with finance management, sales/marketing, inventory, project management and much more. Although the range of functionality that Dynamics 365 Business Central is far and wide, Microsoft still recognizes the need for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Third-Party Applications. This is where Microsoft AppSource comes in. AppSource is an online platform that provides access to thousands of applications built by the Microsoft community and other software providers. AppSource contains solutions for various Microsoft products such as Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Power Platform, and Webapps.

Let’s explore 4 reasons why app stores benefit your ERP:

User Accessibility

The main benefit of AppSource is the accessibility it provides to software solutions. It is the collection of thousands of solutions in one place. It allows end-users to access and view these products anytime and anywhere. AppSource significantly reduces the time it takes to fill a gap within your system. With all the information and potential solutions in one spot, finding the right add-on has never been easier. AppSource also provides guides on many of the apps as well as setup wizards which will simplify and expediate the on boarding process. This allows customers to do the installation themselves and save time from not having to customize Business Central.

New Content Releases

While AppSource increases accessibility for end users to view products, it also benefits the development side as well.  This allows for smaller developers to publicize their own IPO on the marketplace right along with top software developers. This results in more products to choose from with more competitive pricing. New applications are published and added regularly which means you can find a solution for almost any need you may have. App publishers are also required to upgrade their apps periodically to remain compatible with the new releases of Business Central. These updates are automated to avoid disruption in your system and minimize manual effort.

Visibility and Free Trials

From images and videos to user reviews and support links, AppSource provides all the tools you need to effectively pick the right solution. Having the ability to compare applications side by side is instrumental when trying to find a software to implement into your solution. AppSource does a great job of giving users access to free trials for many of the apps on the platform. The apps can be tested in a sandbox which allows companies to get hands-on experience with the product before making a final decision, cutting costs, and increasing customer satisfaction. User Permissions can be setup to control who can install apps onto the system.


With all the applications available on AppSource, knowing how to find what you’re looking for can seem daunting. Luckily Microsoft has implemented a great sorting and filtering feature that allows you to quickly navigate to the application you need. You can filter by product (Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Power Platform, and Webapps), pricing, rating, and even industry. The efficiency and layout of AppSource is another factor that makes it so great.

Overall, AppSource is a great tool to use. It will enable you to make better informed decisions which is vital when it comes to implementing software into your system. AppSource helps empower the Microsoft Community to create, collaborate, and solve problems together. While many ERP solutions claim to have an app store, rarely are they a true source of solutions that allow the end-user to download applications directly. AppSource sets the example of what to look for in your ERP’s app store. This should be must-have feature for any ERP system.

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By Chris Nguy, Account Manager, DSWi, www.dswius.com

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