Track Serial Numbers and Production in Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Track Serial Numbers and Production in Dynamics 365 Business CentralInventory tracking is an important part of any operation deals in the sale of goods. Often inventory tracking includes serial numbers that help to identify the age of a product, specific components, origins, traceability, and other factors. Dynamics 365 Business Central among many things, help to revamp inventory and supply chain management.

Dynamics 365 Business Central allows companies to track a single serial number related to a product. For those in manufacturing, tracking a single serial number may be restricting. What if you’ve got sub-components with serial numbers that are a part of an overall product? How does one track the serial numbers of components within a finished good with its own assigned serial number?

Advanced Consumption in Business Central

Presently, there’s no native way to manage multiple-serial number scenarios within Business Central. Nonetheless, there are apps available that do add this functionality to Business Central. One such app is MetaWMS from MetaOption. MetaWMS provides warehouse and production employees full access to Business Central via barcode scanners and hand-held computers. Among the app’s there are many features that have the ability to record consumption with serial numbers.

How does it work?

With MetaWMS, users select a specific product with an allotted production serial number and then scan the components that make the product to note down the consumption serial numbers. For eg, you’re setting up a desktop. The desktop itself will be allotted a production serial number. By implementing the MetaWMS, users can select a specific desktop within POs and can scan an individual component such as the hard drive, graphics card, memory, CPU, and other pieces. Each sub component’s serial number is then related to the Production Serial Number (PSN).

Tracking Consumption

MetaWMS includes a consumption entry journal that lets Dynamics 365 Business Central users view specific consumption items associated with a production order number. Also included component usage report that displays all of your POs with your finished products serial numbers and consumption item serial numbers.

How does MetaWMS work?

MetaWMS – Advanced Warehouse Solution is an extension for Dyn365BC that provides unprecedented visibility and control over your warehouse operations. This system provides a central point of control over warehouse operations across multiple facilities in a diverse range of locations.

You can start tracking your production and consumption serial numbers with MetaWMS. For more information and a tailored demonstration contact us today at MetaOption LLC.

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