Warehouse solution for companies outgrowing QuickBooks – WMS

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Are you outgrowing QuickBooks?

So how do you know if your company is outgrowing QuickBooks and needs an ERP? QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting solutions for small businesses. Its functionality consists of easy navigation, management, and strong computing power in an affordable package. However, the drawback with it is that it has many limitations for companies experiencing growth and many businesses learn this the hard way

Warehouse solution for companies outgrowing QuickBooks – WMS

When you’ve Outgrowing QuickBooks? Are there any signs? What are these?

Here are some signs that will tell your warehouse have outgrown QuickBooks:

  • It doesn’t provide enough tracking information
  • You’re Experiencing an Inability to Track Unshipped Orders
  • You Use Several Tools to Manage your Business
  • You’re in Need of Industry-Specific Features
  • You Use Several Tools to Manage your Business

Now what?

Once you know the limitations, what’s your next step? Actually, it indicates that your warehouse needs an ERP. Dynamics 365 Business Central with MetaWMS makes it easier than ever for companies to upgrade to a true ERP. It includes a host of features:

  • Support for all Business Central or NAV configurations
  • Built-in app designer
  • Logins and transactions
  • Inventory and bin inquiry
  • Upgrade management
  • Inventory and warehouse pick and put-away, etc.

Dynamics 365 Business Central on its own provides more data and visibility of warehouse transactions but integrating MetaWMS gives users total control and information of all warehouse activities your business needs.

MetaWMS key features include the following:

  • Real-time access to inventory and production data
  • License plating
  • Cycle counting
  • Barcoding
  • Label Printing
  • Warehouse Receipt

The benefits of a comprehensive WMS include:

  • Reduced fulfillment time
  • Increased inventory accuracy
  • Improved customer service
  • Greater space utilization
  • Increased warehouse productivity
  • Reduced labor cost

Integrating warehouse management with resource planning is not only the next logical step for growing companies, it is a matter of survival and a certified best practice. Integrating the two services is a necessity for companies that wish to scale with a growing business.

On top of scalability, integration also helps to prevent costly data redundancies or worse, data silos, that drain time and resources from your operations. Also, allowing your resource planning software to parlay with your supply chain functions helps your company to address shifts in the market with speed and agility.

You can start managing your warehouse operations with our MetaWMS – Advanced Warehouse Management Solution. For more information and a tailored demonstration contact us today at MetaOption LLC.

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