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Organizations that perform service and installation work often struggle with manual processes. For many, errors, lost paperwork, invoicing delays, and overall poor communication are a daily frustration. Field service software enables organizations to reduce costs and optimize the business in a number of ways, including:

  • Elimination of manual processes
  • Improved scheduling
  • Resource optimization
  • Increased first time fix rates
  • Faster invoicing and payment

Elimination of manual processes

Manual processes and paper forms are a recipe for inefficiency. They slow down the pace of business
and have the potential to negatively impact the bottom line.

Mobile field service software offers a number of benefits. For example, digitizing of forms and work orders, tracking time and materials, and streamlined communications.

Digital forms and reports - Save time, reduce costs, eliminate errors, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Track time and materials consumed - Ensure technicians' time and materials are accounted for at all times.

Streamline communications - Easily communicate with individual technicians in the field or broadcast updates to all technicians. Share real-time updates of job status with customers.

Improved scheduling

Getting the right person to the right place with the right tools is imperative for a service and installation business to be successful. A digital Planning Board provides resource planners with access to all of the information they need in one place.

Digital scheduling - Eliminate paper, whiteboards, and trips to the office by making schedules easily accessible digitally.

Complete overview - Provide resource planners with a complete overview of scheduled jobs and resources to ensure optimization.

Communicate with technicians and customers - Easily communicate important information with customers and technicians through the software.

View status - Resource planners can quickly view job status which reduces double booking and enables them to keep customers up to date.

Resource optimization

Time is money! A comprehensive field service solution ensures resource planners receive real-time updates from the field. This allows for real-time visualization of key parameters for resource
allocation, such as job completion status, estimated travel time, sickness, holidays, technician
skills, geo-position, and more.

Not only can resource planners easily plan and assign jobs to field technicians, they can track time,
materials and other resources. Additionally, they can communicate with both the customer and service technicians using SMS, email or phone.

Single source of information - Planning board provides access to all of the information a resource planner needs in one place.

Easily message technicians - Message technicians directly from planning board to share important updates.

Track technicians locations - Built-in mapping capabilities enable resource planners to plan a technicians next job based on proximity.

Manage work orders - Easily create and search work orders directly from planning board.

Increased first time fix rates

Ensure technicians are properly prepared for each job and able to work online and offline. Enable them to view all of the information they need from their mobile device, including time card, messaging from office, forms, and schedule.

Calendar - View all jobs assigned by day, week, and month.

Jobs - View scheduled time, address, messages from resource planner, attachments. accept/decline job, start job, and send messages.

Time and materials - Create timeline, add additional crew members, record information on one or multiple devices, locate and view all inventory.

Forms - Capture all required information, upload external forms, and capture technician and customer signatures.

Faster invoicing

Every day you wait for information to come in from the field about service work performed is lost profit. If sending invoices out takes weeks after a job is completed it is time to find a better way.

Customers expect to use modern, on-demand technology that enables them to self-serve. A service portal provides a solution.

Self service portal - Eliminate the wait for invoices to be mailed with online access.

Pay invoices online - Customers can easily pay invoices online, saving the company time and money.

Ensure accurate invoicing - Manager approvals eliminate errors, leading to prompt payment and improved cash flow.

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