Microsoft Cloud for Non-profits - everything you need to know

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The non-profit sector has tight budgets, limited resources, and minimal capabilities. As a result, staying up-to-date on technology can be restricted. As with any sector, technology can help the non-profit industry focus on innovation, better delivery on the mission, and improvements in efficacy. However, standard software solutions will not benefit organizations in this sector. Technology companies must understand the audience and update the software to meet the needs of the industry. Any CRM or cloud software must offer custom solutions such as fund-raiser and donor management, finance, marketing that will help these organizations further their reach and scale.

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit empowers scalable and transformative mission impact. The solution connects the cloud capabilities of Microsoft to the most common non-profit scenarios, such as constituent and program analytics, program design and delivery, volunteer management, and fundraising. Workflows and data sources from across the organization are united on a single platform to drive evidence-based decision-making. Products including Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Azure, and LinkedIn are available under the non-profit common data model. The solution helps

  • Have a better understanding and knowledge of donors
  • Empower volunteers and staff to deliver effective programming
  • Implement organization-wide accelerated mission outcomes

Modules available Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

Donors and supporters

    • Donation and award management focuses on payment processing, fund accepting, and designation management.
    • Constituent management helps attract, retain, and grow donors and supporters bases.
    • Personalized engagement enables organizations to connect with donors and supporters through compelling content via proven channels.

Mission outcomes

      • Constituents analytics processes supporters' and constituents' data to give the organization a better sense of people, channel, and time engagement.
      • Unified data removes disparate data at the back-office and frontline to support different work areas, including fundraising, finance, program, and operations.

Effective programming

    • Program delivery tool enables design, delivery, and measurement of programs for maximum mission delivery.
    • Volunteer management allows volunteers to coordinate and collaborate based on skills and needs.

Use cases of Microsoft Cloud for Non-profits

By investing in a common data model and building sector-specific solutions, the offerings allow non-profits to adopt modern digital technology faster and for less money. Some of the most recent users of Microsoft Cloud for non-profit mentioned below.

  • Rubicon, an international disaster response non-profit, used Microsoft Dynamics 365 to build a volunteer management system.
  • Epilepsy Foundation partnered with StratusLIVE to leverage a customized Dynamics 365 tool to forge deeper donor relationships and break fundraising records.
  • iRespond empowers non-profits and other institutions using Microsoft Azure to serve refugees, displaced people, and other at-risk groups without reliable identification.
  • Right to Play uses Microsoft Cloud for non-profits to deepen engagements and build better programs.

To set up the solution, the organization must go through a series of steps. They are

  • To register, fill out the registration form with proof of the organization's eligibility
  • Eligibility validation is conducted by TechSoup or their local partner
  • Once validated, the organization with receive eligibility notification within ten business days
  • Upon receipt of the mail, access products, and services from the Microsoft Nonprofit Hub

By combining sector experience and technical skills to solve challenges, Korcompetenz offers affordable transformation solutions that provide lasting value to non-profit organizations. We specialize in both front-end donor experience and back-end management software. Korcompetenz enables the digital transformation of non-profit organizations by offering a range of services, including web application management, cloud service management, CRM and ERP implementation, and managed infrastructure solutions.

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