Top 5 ways LS Central will support your online retail business

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Top 5 ways LS Central will support your online retail businessThe increase in traffic offers new opportunities for your online retail business, it also presents new challenges. As per the most recent report by Shopify, eCommerce competition has reached record levels – fueled by legacy wholesalers, global retail giants, and item categories not traditionally purchased online. This is often driving up customer acquisition costs.

While competing in this ever-evolving world you need the right products, great customer service, and also the right technology platform. LS Central is a unified commerce platform built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP. While most retailers have knowledge about the benefits of unified commerce software for retailers that operate brick-and-mortar stores, few are aware that this type of technology also can benefit online retailers.

Here are the top five ways LS Central will support and strengthen your entire online retail business

Satisfy industry-specific requirements 

Whether you sell pet products, jewelry, garden plants, or gourmet chocolates, LS Central can support your needs. Whereas, the system is purpose-built to satisfy the precise requirements and challenges facing the various sub-sectors of retail and eCommerce, with specialized functionality for industries starting from fashion to electronics, to grocery, or to the pharmacy.

This embedded domain expertise allows you to tap into industry best practices and better compete in a challenging marketplace.

Meet evolving customer expectations

With LS Central, you can deliver a uniform experience across all of your digital channels. On your eCommerce website, customers can check real-time stock availability, buy items to urge delivered, and see personalized recommendations, special offers, and promotions supported on their individual shopping data.

Take better business decisions and eliminate data silos

Many customers who move to LS Central used to run their business on a multitude of smaller, separate software solutions. This siloed infrastructure results in blind spots and, or poor business decisions. Also, with LS Central you can get a unified, clear view of your business with no effort, the system covers the entire business and brings together the info in one place. You’ll get the exact picture of your business and can make better business decisions, instantly.

Minimize costs and maximize revenue

When all the data you need for your online business is in one place, you can minimize the administration and training costs that come from using multiple software solutions. A unified system also gives you a clear, real-time snapshot of your inventory demand, helping you decrease excess stock and the costs attached to it.

Handle the best technology out there

When you use LS Central, you can integrate out of the box with market-leading eCommerce platforms including Magento, and Dynamicweb. The ready-made integration makes setup easier and faster and ensures that the two-way communication between the systems always works in real-time, even when the systems are updated.

Would you like to find out more about why you ought to run your online retail business on LS Central? Contact us today at MetaOption.

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