Latest News on the Future of Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Microsoft adopted a cloud-first model several years ago. Since then, they have released a barrage of new cloud products from collaboration and productivity suites like Teams and Office 365, to enterprise resource management like their Dynamics 365 offerings. With this major change, customers and partners have been wondering how long they can expect Microsoft Dynamics GP to be available.

Starting out as the stalwart Great Plains accounting software and later acquired by Microsoft as Dynamics GP, GP has been a go-to ERP solution for growing businesses and that doesn’t seem to be changing according to Microsoft’s latest roadmap.

dynamics gp roadmap

According to the latest info from Microsoft: 

  1. Since the October 2019 release, GP has been on the Modern Lifecycle services which means the version names are no longer being used. Any version released after GP 2018 is simply known as Dynamics GP. This doesn’t mean there won’t be new versions of Dynamics GP, but they just won’t have public facing names or ‘vintages’ like “GP 2018 R2” any longer.
  2. If you are on an older version of Dynamics GP, like GP 2013 R2, support has been extended. See the chart above to  find out how long you can expect support.
  3. There will be three GP updates per year, including tax updates, new features, and a year-end update.  Users only need to update once per year to stay current.
  4. All updates will contain bug fixes.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is among Microsoft’s most resilient products. Known for its agility and adaptability, it will likely remain a favorite solution for many years to come.

Most Microsoft Partners who have been delivering GP for years believe in the product and they plan to deliver services around GP as long as it is available.

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