Comparing Payroll Processing Software Options - July 2021

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It’s been a month of big matchups and busted brackets. The thrill of victory is in the air. At Greenshades, we’re celebrating success in the payroll Olympics. We know there are dozens of payroll processing apps from which to choose. And we’re committed to helping you find the best one for your organization.

Here’s how Greenshades surpasses the competition to help you win the gold.

In-house vs. outsourced payroll solutions

When choosing between the competing approaches of in-house vs. outsourced payroll processing, we recommend keeping it in-house. In-house payroll ensures that you have control over your whole operation.

Manage your own cash flow, keep all your data securely within your own systems, oversee your own compliance. In-house payroll has all the advantages.

Unified platform vs. multi-component systems

Some organizations have multiple systems that they’ve pieced together to develop a payroll solution – think ERP, CRM, Accounting. Wouldn’t it be better to have all your resources on the same “team?” A unified payroll platform will allow your data to flow seamlessly between modules. All your users will have the same experience when using the system. It will keep everyone up to date and connected. There’s no match for a unified platform

ERP agnostic vs. ERP limited

Software that’s designed for a single ERP should work fine – for the short run. But what happens when your company grows, as you hope it will,  or when you decide to upgrade your ERP?  You might find yourself facing the expense of also having to replace your payroll platform.

An ERP-agnostic payroll platform has the flexibility to grow with your business. It will integrate with any ERP you choose. An ERP-agnostic payroll solution is a clear winner.

Cloud accessible vs. limited accessibility

Think back to the previous office Olympics era when payroll platforms were accessible only through your office computers. It worked back then because it had to. But business has moved on. A Cloud-based payroll solution means you can now run payrolls from anywhere, anytime. This flexibility has become increasingly valuable as more employees are working remotely. For flexibility, mobility, and accessibility,  Cloud-based payroll clearly scores extra points.

State/federal level compliance vs. compliance across many jurisdictions

Another event that has changed due to workforce mobility is in the field of compliance. Which payroll solution can accommodate compliance requirements not only at the federal and state level but also for local jurisdictions?

The best payroll platform has compliance at its core, so compliance is covered no matter where an employee works. More compliance jurisdictions is a “skill” that gains applause.

Standard vs. top-tier support

An area where you can’t afford to compromise is support. The better the service and support are, the better experience you’ll have with your payroll software partner. It’s not like choosing an ice cream flavor; this is your business we’re talking about. Anything less than awesome will be only second best. Top-tier support indicates excellence.

Employee self-service vs. HR-managed data

When it comes to managing resources, the winner is the solution that allows employees to manage their personal information. Giving them control over their personal data empowers your employees and takes a huge weight off your HR team.

You’ll save time and resources while giving employees a hand in managing their own information. Employee self-service gives you an edge.

Work-from-home capability vs. on-site required

Like it or not, and most say they do,  remote work is here to stay. Independent contractors, gig workers, and employees are spending less and less time in the office – especially in 2021.  You need a payroll platform that delivers complete functionality for your workers, no matter where they are. Score extra points for your business and your employees with remote working capability.

Can you see the trend here? It should be evident by now that a payroll platform that has all these features and more is the one that can lead your team to a gold medal in the payroll Olympics.

At Greenshades, we provide exceptional automated payroll tax reporting, employee engagement, and comprehensive compliance solutions to mid-sized employers across North America. Today, through our cloud-based Payroll, Tax & HR Platform, we enable your organization on a whole new level.

Would you like to know more about Greenshades and what our payroll solution can do for your competitive business? Contact our experts at Greenshades.

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