4 Warning Signs Building Material Formers and Fabricators Need ERP Now

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Building material formers and fabricators know the importance of choosing the best machine for the job. Just like you need the right tools for production, you also need the right software tools for running your business.

At The Wolcott Group, we help steel and metals companies choose the right ERP solution to optimize and modernize their business and gain full control from end to end. There is no better way to boost profit margins and meet customer expectations than with integrated technology designed for your business.

But is your business ready for cloud ERP? How do you know when it’s the right time? Read on to discover four warning signs you can’t afford to miss.

  1. You’re Losing Data

Most building material formers and fabricators aren’t just delivering raw material anymore. There’s no such thing as a “simple” order with customers asking for added processing, subassembly and other value-added services. With multi-step processing and outsourced processing becoming increasingly the norm, it can be difficult to collect all the data needed for each job. Add the pressure of keeping that data current and available to the people who need it and you have a real challenge.

The pace of business is faster than ever before, which means your employees need immediate access to data. Older software and ERP systems that are not designed specifically for the steel and metal industry simply can’t keep up. Manual processes are too slow and a patchwork of disconnected software isn’t much better. The answer is a modern ERP solution that delivers real-time data around the clock and understands the detailed processes that are unique to your business.

  1. You’re Losing Customers

Customers have become more sophisticated and demanding with their product specifications and finishing services. Quoting these complex jobs quickly and accurately is a must in order to attract and retain customers and grow profits. You need an ERP solution that offers real-time access to inventory, production schedules, and outsourced processing costs.

ERP solutions designed for building material formers and fabricators like RealSTEEL™ can automatically calculate nesting, costing, and pricing at the line-item level, populate customer-specific information, and highlight profit margins to ensure more profitable sales. Sales reps are always armed with everything they need to negotiate and close deals.

  1. You Don’t Have Full Visibility into Production

Are you able to manage production schedules, automate materials usage calculations, and allow operators to directly input actuals from the shop floor? If not, you are missing an opportunity to support your business’ ability to manage complex jobs and overall growth.

Modern ERP solutions can do all of those things plus adjust schedules as change orders or unplanned machine downtime impacts jobs. With connected end-to-end data flows, everyone can see and manage the full production line, ensuring that you don’t miss important deadlines.

  1. You’re Not keeping up with the Competition

Are your competitors growing faster than you are? In our modern digital world, data is the difference between profit and loss. Those companies who can make timely financial decisions will enjoy the best profit margins.

To be more competitive, you need an ERP solution that offers real-time reporting to help managers stay informed and ahead of production challenges and customer demands. RealSTEEL™ offers personalized, role-specific reporting using dashboards. A fully integrated suite of analytic tools delivers detailed insights and big-picture views of production, customer trends, and other business operations.

Executives can get a big-picture view of business operations at any time, while other workers can get the data they need to do their jobs more effectively. Armed with accurate and real-time costing information, you will be able to identify the true costs and profit margins at the line-item level, monitor KPIs, and use data to boost profits and drive growth.

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Don’t ignore the warning signs! RealSTEEL™ is the fully integrated ERP solution designed for the unique processes and challenges you face every day.

To find out how ERP is one of the most powerful tools you can use to build profits, drive growth and keep up with changing customer demands, contact us to discuss your challenges today and how to leverage technology to grow and thrive in the digital age.

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