What is the future of Microsoft Dynamics GP?

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The future of Dynamics GP looks bright

With the up-and-coming Dynamics 365 Business Central backed by the full power of Microsoft marketing, many customers we come across wonder what is the future of Microsoft Dynamics GP now that Microsoft has a new golden child.  For new customers, it makes sense to want to get onto the latest and greatest and to be afraid of making an investment in an aging platform.  For existing customers, the new product push introduces anxiety over being left hung out to dry if Microsoft suddenly decides to discontinue the ERP system that has been helping them grow their business for a long time and forces them to make a change overnight.

But afraid be not.  Microsoft has officially published a new Roadmap for Microsoft Dynamics GP and it confirms that the product will be enhanced and supported beyond 2028.  This has been some time coming; in October 2019, Microsoft included Dynamics GP under their Modern Lifecycle Policy so it was clear that the intention was to keep supporting GP for the foreseeable future.  However, the naysayers and those who simply want to sell you a different product created a cloud of doubt (pun intended) that made everyone wonder… until now.

So, what is the deal?

The reality is that both systems have their own strengths and weaknesses, and one will be better than the other depending on the customer’s requirements.  Dynamics GP is a very viable option for many customers; it is a lot easier to customize and offers real control over your database, for example. And while both systems can be hosted in the cloud (yes, you can host GP in the cloud), Business Central is natively cloud-based which gives it the definitive edge in that department.  I would take GP’s bank reconciliation, reporting and invoice emailing capabilities over Business Central any day, but Business Central has an edge in its analytical accounting and other modern capabilities. I could go on and on like this forever…

So, the fact that Microsoft is confirming its commitment to Dynamics GP makes a lot of sense for Microsoft, their partner channel, GP customers and potential new customers as well.  It reinforces the fact that GP is here to stay, and that customers have a very robust ERP option to consider when replacing their existing ERP system.

The Bottom Line

ICON implements and supports both Business Central and Dynamics GP. We have been very vocal about how good Business Central has become in such a short time, but ultimately the decision about which ERP is best for you should be based on your specific requirements, and Dynamics GP still offers functionality that is hard to beat.

Curious about the differences between GP and Business Central? Looking for a partner that is not biased towards one or another? Contact us and let us help you look at both options and help you decide which one is best for you.

By ICON, Dominican Republic Dynamics GP partner

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