This Budgeting Season Put Business Intelligence in the Forecast

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Budgeting season is just around the corner for many organizations. And with it brings a heightened focus on financial goals as we compare those we set last year with actual results. Budgets and forecasts help not only in attracting investors but also in prioritizing, tax preparations, and decision making. But for companies lacking the proper tools, the season can entail time-intensive manual data collection, reporting errors, and miscommunications.

Today’s budgeting and forecasting software, though, alleviates many of those hassles, simplifying the process by automating tasks and delivering in-depth insights to better inform business decisions. The latest technology also works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions including SL, GP, NAV, and Business Central. So let’s take a closer look at some of the features and functionality at your disposal.

Build Sophisticated Budgets

Ready your business for the year ahead with software that’s able to build sophisticated budgets and business models. Unify P&L, cashflow planning, and balance sheets within one cloud-based application and instantly compare budgets to actuals. Automatically align budgets with KPIs along with your business plan, add commentary to collaborate in real-time, garner staff input, define allocations, and spread budgets over any period you choose.

Pre-designed budgeting templates also simplify set-up and customization, offering the ability to quickly create any number of versions and better navigate your financial future. Meanwhile, team members are able to enter data in real-time using any device, feeding that directly into reports to mitigate redundancy and error.

Forecast like a Pro

But beyond budgeting, today’s software tools also back decision-makers with rolling and top-down or bottom-up forecasts. Gain advanced modeling capabilities, convert large volumes of data from various sources into models on the fly, and generate presentation-ready graphs. You can also perform what-if analysis and automatically see how changes might impact other areas.

Advanced software capabilities help organizations better understand the impact of business decisions and pivot operations accordingly. Contact Admiral Consulting Group to learn more about the budgeting and forecasting software solutions we recommend or to see if they’re right for your organization. Click here to schedule your consultation >>> 



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