How to Successfully Carry Out an ERP Deployment Project

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Dated practices and software are difficult to break free from. The familiarity of these processes and technology make many employees or business executives reluctant to change. However, legacy software significantly increases the chance for error and puts businesses leagues behind the competition.  


The harsh truth for many companies is that these processes just aren’t working anymore. Despite smoothly running processes, many companies are missing out on vital business opportunities that could significantly streamline their growth. In order for companies to break free from this rut, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is the first step. With this solution, businesses can completely transform their processes, boost revenue, and discover incredible new prospects. 


Yet, despite the numerous benefits, the implementation of ERP software is not without risk. Implementation, migration, and even an upgrade disrupt current business processes as does unplugging current applications or software and attaching them to your new system. Even with the most experienced professional, this process can be risky. 


To ensure you can enjoy the many benefits of an ERP system while reducing risk, JourneyTEAM, a Microsoft Gold Partner, has created a list of tips to ensure a successful migration or upgrade. Additionally, we’ll review our Business Central delivery structure as well as our Business Central Sherpa program that helps you reduce cost and mitigate risk. 

Successfully Climb the Summit of ERP Implementation 

I love rock climbing. It’s something I did with my father as a child and something my own kids enjoy doing. Recently, one of my daughters and I climbed the Cat in the Hat route in Red Rock, Nevada. I was more apprehensive of this climb than my daughter as it was more difficult and at a greater height than what I had previously done. Rather than spoil the fun for my daughter, I hired an experienced guide to help us safely climb to route. 


Looking back, I would have never done that climb were it not for our guide. He ensured we stayed on the correct path, followed the right safety protocols, and made sure we had a good time.  


An ERP implementation is similar to climbing a mountain. It’s a difficult, monumental, and sometimes expensive task—not something we’d recommend doing after a few Google searches. You want an advisor who has done many of these types of projects before to help you successfully navigate the complexity of these overwhelming projects.  


In addition to finding a great advisor, JourneyTEAM recommends the following when doing an ERP implementation:  

Define Your Projects Flag Plant 

As previously mentioned, migrating away from legacy software or business processes is something that many employees, executives, or IT professionals are wary of, despite the numerous benefits. To help employees, teams, and departments get on board with the change, you must define the ‘why’ behind the project. Whether it’s to streamline lengthy, complex processes, automate manual tasks, or improve customer service. It’s what we at JourneyTEAM call, the ‘flag plant’, or what the flag you’ll plant on top of the summit will say is.  


For example, if your current processes are fragmented or you’re working with a manual infrastructure, the amount of time spent chasing and validating data is probably astronomical. With an ERP system, users will have the ability to quickly and properly analyze company data, think more strategically, and make better, more informed business decisions. 


Process Comes First 

A primary reason behind implementing an ERP system is to help organize company data and streamline business processes. However, this cannot happen if your current business processes or data are outdated, unorganized, or outdated. While the latest technology is incredibly capable, automating a chaotic system will bring little to no benefit. 


With an up-to-date system, you can now focus on finding the right technology. Look for solutions that strike the right balance between complexity and efficiency. Avoid solutions that add too many checkpoints or over-complicate processes. 

Build the Right Team 

ERP implementation is a complex, difficult task; however, it’s made more difficult if you don’t have the right people. You want to staff your team with individuals who are process-oriented, strategic, and organized. These individuals are typically curious and always looking to push the status quo. They’ll help you stay focused on the bigger picture while keeping the smaller pieces organized and ensure you create a robust, potent ecosystem. 


Choose the Right Methodology 

The number of ways to implement an ERP system is endless; however, certain methodologies are more suited for businesses than others. Consider your existing processes and company goals as this will help you determine whether a phased, turnkey, or traditional approach is best for your organization. You’ll also want to take into consideration your budget, project length, and overall risks. 


JourneyTEAM’s Proven Methodology Ensures an Easy Deployment 

JourneyTEAM has worked with a number of businesses to successfully implement Business Central, Microsoft’s ERP solution. Once implemented, our clients have seen incredible results—from more efficient and accurate processes to rapid revenue growth. Each of our clients comes with a unique goal and requires various levels of support. We’ve worked with many companies to create an ERP system from the ground up and with others we’ve acted as a sounding board.  


Whether you’re in need of maximum support or minimal, JourneyTEAM is committed to providing it. Our primary goal is to help you create a system that works specifically for your business. This is done by following our Business Central delivery structure:  


  • Project Kickoff: The first step in our process involves a thorough review of your current delivery and sales processes as well as business needs. We begin here to ensure that Business Central will help support your goals.  


  • Requirements: Once we understand your needs, a discussion of your specific ERP requirements begins. During this step, we’ll create a detailed timeline that ensures your specific requirements are met with an approach that works best for your organization. 

For example, one of our clients was experiencing rapid growth and needed to select, design, and implement an ERP system as quickly as possible so they opted for an ‘all at once’ approach. On the other hand, we’ve worked with many companies where a phased approach was more appropriate due to their specific requirements and business goals.  


  • Execution: Our execution phase is centered on an agile approach and occurs in two-week sprints. During each sprint, we’re focused only on completing specific tasks while ensuring your new Business Central system can go live. 


  • User Testing: Prior to pushing Business Central live, we’ll conduct a number of tests on your system to ensure everything is performing correctly. At a minimum, we perform three end-to-end tests—starting with purchase and ending with accounting. Should everything run smoothly, we’ll push the system live. 


  • Project Finalization: Even after your new system is live, JourneyTEAM is still here to support you. We conduct a project retrospective where we set up a plan for future support should you need it.  

Deploy Microsoft Business Central with Confidence 

Deploying Business Central is both an exciting and overwhelming time. Exciting because you’re moving to a system that automates lengthy processes and boosts both employee and customer satisfaction. Overwhelming due to the overall complexity and length of the process as well as the risks surrounding the project.  


JourneyTEAM’s Business Central Sherpa Program utilizes our proven methodology to help you not only choose the right methodology and approach but also help you strike a balance between risk and cost. Additionally, with our team of experts, you’re able to upgrade, implement, or deploy with complete confidence and ease.  


No matter your reason for selecting Business Central as your ERP system, JourneyTEAM is here to support you. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we’re intimately familiar with Business Central and have the knowledge and experience necessary to make this software work for you. Get started with JourneyTEAM and Business Central today by contacting one of our representatives. 




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Article by:Jenn Alba - Marketing Manager - 801.938.7816

JourneyTEAM is an award-winning consulting firm with proven technology and measurable results. They take Microsoft products; Dynamics 365, SharePoint intranet, Office 365, Azure, CRM, GP, NAV, SL, AX, and modify them to work for you. The team has expert-level, Microsoft Gold certified consultants that dive deep into the dynamics of your organization and solve complex issues. They have solutions for sales, marketing, productivity, collaboration, analytics, accounting, security, and more.

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