Microsoft Dynamics ERP Optimization Tips to Fill Your Downtime

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Have some free time on your hands? Whether it’s in summer or another time of the year, most organizations encounter some slower periods. If you have some downtime to fill, it might be a good opportunity to follow these simple ERP optimization tricks for your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution to ensure you start the next few months on the right foot!

Facilitate navigation with shortcuts

A surprising amount of time can be lost by having to switch between windows or applications. To cut down on wasted time, create shortcuts to the Dynamics GP windows you use most often on your homepage, or use your browser’s favourites to access them quickly.

Review your custom dashboards

It's likely your priorities have evolved since the last time you set up your dashboards. Now may be a good time to review your needs and update your dashboards accordingly. Get rid of superfluous information to ensure the data you need is right where you need it.

Streamline your approval processes

Add some workflows to streamline and speed up your approval processes. It can take some time to figure out the scenarios you want to implement, but once your new workflows have been implemented, they will save you a lot of time in the long run. Read our blog post to learn more about the benefits of Dynamics GP approval workflows and get some ideas!

Clean up your files using SmartLists

Use SmartLists in Dynamics GP to clean up your master files by using the Go To and Refresh buttons. This lets you filter out elements or add fields to help you analyze your customers at a high level and make quick modifications. Any data that currently exists in your system can be transformed into a SmartList, letting you harness your Dynamics GP data even more efficiently.

Follow these simple ERP optimization tips to make the most of your downtime and leverage the full power of your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution. Want to do the same for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution? Read our article Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Optimization Tips to Fill Your Downtime.

By JOVACO Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics ERP specialists in Quebec


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