Dynamics GP is Here to Stay: Make the Decision to Maintain, Upgrade or Move - On Your Own Terms

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Microsoft has released their 2021 roadmap, which includes an announcement that support for Dynamics GP will extend beyond 2028 on the Modern Lifecycle Policy. This news comes as a relief to those who were concerned about the future of GP amongst newer, cloud-based  ERP systems, such as Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

The following graph shows the lifecycle of various versions of Dynamics GP and can be found on the Microsoft site. 

The Modern Lifecycle Policy requires GP customers to stay current by updating Dynamics GP at least once a year. Microsoft will provide three updates each year with a mix of tax and regulatory updates and new capabilities (dates below are examples as provided by Microsoft): 

  • June – tax updates, regulatory updates, hot fixes 
  • October – new capabilities, hotfixes 
  • December – tax updates, regulatory updates, hot fixes 

Microsoft has been pushing Dynamics GP customers to the cloud for some time now, as well as extensively marketing  Dynamics 365 Business Central to GP customers. The truth is that many companies are not ready to make the move and may not be for years. The changes in cost model, product feature set and readiness for their industry are not ideal for everyone. Organizations that use Dynamics GP, and the community of ISV solutions that integrate with it, now have peace of mind knowing that they can stay on GP, upgrade to the modern lifecycle version or migrate on their own terms and timeline. 

In addition, any businesses that were considering going further with Dynamics GP, with products such as AP automation, can better budget and plan for their digital transformation knowing that their ERP system isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

The pandemic influenced nearly 80% of businesses to look to digital solutions to alleviate the pain of manual processes, especially with many people who were typically in the office shifting to working remotely.  On top of slower approval processes, lost invoices, and poor vendor relationships, the pandemic also revealed that manual invoice processes are costly and can even put the health and safety of employees in danger. Despite this, many Dynamics GP users continued to push off going digital because they were unsure whether they would need to move to Dynamics 365 Business Central or another ERP system in the near future. Their hesitation was understandable – why invest in AP automation just to have to move the whole system in a year or two? 

Now that the future of Dynamics GP is secure, these businesses can revisit their digital and automation plans. AP automation solutions are smarter and faster than they’ve ever been, and the evolution of technology continues to bring more innovation and more automation for AP and finance departments. Plus, with more and more AP automation solutions moving to the cloud, if businesses do decide to migrate to a new ERP system, their AP automation solution can move with them! 

There has never been a better time to get started with AP automation – the benefits will continue for years to come! 


About KwikTag by enChoice 

KwikTag, by enChoice, leads organizational digital transformation as the one system for invoice and payment automation. KwikTag helps organizations go paperless with AP automation and document management with powerful integrations with the Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems.  

To learn more about KwikTag and our available solutions, visit kwiktag.com. 

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