A Unified Dynamics 365 Cloud Solution Success Story

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Is there anything better than a success story? We recently implemented a unified Dynamics 365 cloud solution, and it was a huge success for our client,  Western Precooling Systems. Even working during a pandemic didn't disrupt their business, thanks to our remote implementation and support, and ability to adapt.

Our success story:

For 70 years, Western Precooling has been the partner of choice for growers and shippers

 to get fresh, healthy produce from the field to their customers. They must ensure that perishable food is kept cool and safe during transport. Of necessity, their supply chain is fast-paced and high volume. When they signed on with Western Computer, they were looking for increased efficiency and visibility. They also wanted to eliminate paper-based processes and make better use of their data.  Their legacy systems, Dynamics GP and an AS400, were becoming costly to maintain, difficult to support, and had limited scope for improvement. They wanted to switch to a unified cloud solution.

Western Precooling Systems Case Study Cover

Western Computer designed and implemented a fully integrated Dynamics 365 solution including Dynamics 365 FinanceSupply Chain ManagementField Service, and Power BI.

"We hadn't done a system transition in 20 years, and Western Computer had great ideas on how to help us even though what we do is very specialized. I was impressed by their depth of expertise across several applications and areas, especially warehousing, inventory, and field service." -- Josh Miller, Director of Operations, Western Precooling Systems.

Real-time insight for better decision making

The team at Western Precooling was plagued by multiple systems, disconnected data, and manual processes.  They wanted tools to increase efficiency and help them make informed decisions based on real-time data. Field service reps were still working with paper documents and work orders which then had to be entered into their ERP solution back at the office.

The switch from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Finance allows the most up-to-date visibility as transactions are posted in real-time. Management knows what's is happening and can monitor performance for fast, proactive, and intelligent decisions. Inventory distributed across multiple warehouses is visible and fully traceable. The implementation team at Western Computer also used Power Automate to accelerate workflows and reduce the risk of human error.

Field service operations are now far more efficient and effective. Technicians have all the information they need right on their mobile devices. They are able to check inventory for parts and access technical manuals for information. They can record notes and follow-up recommendations while the call is fresh in mind. They have the option to work offline or online at any time. They're freed from the tyranny of filling out endless paperwork.

"We process roughly 10,000 service calls a year, and the optimizations created by Western Computer allow us to finish processing them at least a week faster on average than before." Josh Miller


Could a unified Dynamics 365 cloud solution benefit your business?

You can read the entire Western Precooling Systems success story for more insight. They are pleased with their unified Dynamics 365 cloud solution and their partnership with Western Computer. We think you would be too. If your organization could benefit from increased efficiency, more transparent data, and mobile flexibility, contact our experts at Western Computer. Let's have a conversation and schedule a demo.

By Western Computer, www.westerncomputer.com


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