Six Benefits of Upgrading to Dynamics 365 BC 14 from Dynamics NAV

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Six Benefits of Upgrading to Dynamics 365 BC 14 from Dynamics NAV

Long-time users of Microsoft Dynamics NAV know that it has been an exceptional ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution that helps small and mid-sized organizations automate and streamline their business processes and manage their business more efficiently.

Business owners have appreciated running their business the way they want with Dynamics NAV. There has always been an abundance of add-ons available, and NAV's adaptability made customization easy enough.

But Microsoft has improved on Dynamics NAV and rebranded it as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC). You can still have the benefits of Dynamics NAV, and there are additional benefits when you move to Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC.

Why change from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 BC?

The most straightforward answer for why you'll need to change to Dynamics 365 is that the technology has evolved, and here will soon come a time when Dynamics NAV is no longer supported. Dynamics NAV was written in C/AL, and now Microsoft has adopted a new language called AL. AL is more modern, more efficient, open-source, and  Cloud-enabled.

But why move to Dynamics 365 BC14 instead of the latest version?

Many businesses have chosen to move to  Business Central 14  because of a shift in  Microsoft's N-2 policy. The N-2 policy issues licenses for solutions up to two versions preceding the latest release. So, under the policy, after BC 2020 came out in October of last year,  BC14 would no longer be available.

However, Microsoft veered from that policy to announce that Dynamics NAV customers with a current maintenance contract can 'downgrade' to version BC14 until October of this year. But why would you want to downgrade to BC14 only to upgrade later?

Here are six good reasons to move to Dynamics 365BC14:

  1. Benefit from your maintenance contract.

Your maintenance contract entitles you to upgrades and feature enhancements.  Updated features may even allow you to dispense with some customization or add-ons. This could mean lower costs and less upkeep.

  1. Take advantage of two programming languages.

Dynamics BC14 is the final version that allowed for both C/AL and AL code languages, and it is the final version that gives you both the Role Tailored Client and  Modern Client.

Modern Client is the only interface in Dynamics 365BC versions 15 and more recent. This interface really is modern, having simple, app-like screens. BC14 allows the use of both interfaces, the one you are more familiar with and the newer one. Having both would allow you to transition your customizations to AL code and give your team time to become familiar with the new interface.

  1. Microsoft will support BC14 until 2023.

Microsoft's policy is to support only the latest version and the previous two releases. But they have stated that they will support BC14 for two more years. With releases every six months, Microsoft would only support version BC2020 for a year and a half.

  1. Get three named users for one concurrent user.

With Dynamics 365BC14, you will be forced to switch from concurrent users to named users. But right now, Microsoft is allowing you to trade each NAV concurrent user license for three named user licenses.

  1. Move your customizations at your pace.

Most Dynamics NAV owners have customized their solution to have it work exactly the way they want. You may have invested quite a bit of money in customizations, and it can be costly to move them to another solution. A benefit to moving to BC14 is that you can move your customizations at your own pace. Again, because of the increased functionality of Dynamics 365BC, you may even eliminate some customizations.

  1. Accommodate your add-ons.

Add-ons give you business-specific functionality not always included in your ERP solution, and no doubt you've added several to your core solution. However, even if you are ready to move to the new AL language, your ISV vendors may not be.

Moving to Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC14 is a pressure-free way to go from NAV to 365BC and might be the perfect solution for companies wanting to upgrade.

If you'd like more information on upgrading from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365, contact our deeply experienced upgrade team at ArcherPoint.


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