Rapid Time to Value Crucial for Successful ERP Implementation

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Why do you need a rapid time to value ERP implementation?

The good news is that your business is growing by leaps and bounds. You're acquiring new customers or offering new products, and your customer service team is busier than ever.

The bad news is that it's time to upgrade or replace your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution.

What is your biggest fear? Are you worried about losing customers and the revenue they represent because of a difficult order-entry process? As your customer base grows, so does your need for a scalable, comprehensive ERP solution that makes buying easier for you and your customers.

Failing to upgrade your ERP could set you up for failure.

Inefficient workflows lead to delays in delivering your products and services, and your customers will notice and be as frustrated as you are. They may leave and search for a company that is easier to do business with. Each month that passes poses a risk to your bottom line and your reputation.

If you have put off upgrading or implementing a new ERP solution, perhaps it is because of the horror stories you've heard (or experienced yourself) of ERP implementations getting out of hand and going over time and budget.

Deployment delays negatively affect your business.

ERP implementations have been known to drag on for months. In worst cases,  planning, design, or deployment phases go so poorly that the entire project is a failure. Worse than starting an ERP implementation is starting over on a whole new project.

And while the project drags on, you are stuck with your inefficient functionality, frustrated employees, and the negative impact it all has on your business. There really has to be a better way.

Eight weeks to a new ERP

What would you think about an eight-week deployment? Through experience and expertise, Western Computer has developed a methodology enabling our team to deliver Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in just eight weeks. We'll help you streamline your business by moving your ERP platform to the Cloud and minimize disruption by orchestrating a smooth transition for your internal teams.

We understand how important continuity is to your business. That's why we stress fast and efficient implementations performed by experts who understand the technology involved and the industries we serve. We'll assign a dedicated project manager who will coordinate a team to handle the entire system configuration and migrate data from your old system.

In addition, we'll also provide training for your IT team and your end-users. Your tech team and your staff will be confident and at ease with your new solution. We'll conduct extensive testing of all systems, processes, and functionality prior to going live.  And we'll follow up after the implementation with ongoing support.

Our goal is to deliver a smooth, rapid implementation that allows you to focus on your business with the least amount of disruption and the fastest time to value.

Short-term benefits; long-term value

Successful and rapid implementation is a cause for celebration, but only if it results in long-term benefits for your business. Microsoft Dynamics 365BC (Business Central) will continue to deliver value over time.

You'll have a robust, flexible, user-friendly ERP that will easily scale to your growing business and serve you for years.  Dynamics 365BC is known for seamless processing, transacting, and reporting for all financial areas.

Dynamics 365BC also allows you to adapt quickly to meet market and customer demands.  You can also easily integrate other systems such as your CRM and e-commerce platforms for a comprehensive solution.

Is your business experiencing increased growth? Now is the best time to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365BC with Western Computer's rapid time to value method.

To find out how Western Computer can deliver Dynamics 365BC to your business in just eight weeks, contact our experts.

By Western Computer, www.westerncomputer.com


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