Top 5 factors to consider when Migrating from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central

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So finally, you want to take your business to the cloud!! We all know that Microsoft has committed to supporting Dynamic GP with, upgraded security, fixes bugs, and some new features. However, they will no longer be offering significant advancement in the technology or capabilities, and there will never be a true cloud version of the product. That makes it more important to start planning to migrate Dynamics GP to Business Central even if you’re not ready.

Top 5 factors to consider when Migrating from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central

If your organization is currently working with Dynamics GP, then Microsoft is likely already encouraging you to move to Business Central. Moving to a Business Central platform can provide many advantages to an organization. Most of the Dynamics GP companies are now upgrading to Business Central to take advantage of Business Central’s advanced features, modern user experience, integration, and AI capabilities.

As you want to migrate to Dynamics 365 Business Central, here are some key factors to keep in mind:

Benefits Of Staying with Microsoft

There are many advantages of staying with Microsoft, it includes the opportunity to leverage the capabilities of the Microsoft Azure and Power Platforms including AI. Whereas, the most compelling reason to stay with Microsoft is the benefits of the integration of Business Central with other Microsoft products like Outlook, Word, Excel, Teams, and SharePoint.

Cloud Consideration

A fully featured cloud app is one that runs independently and can be accessed by using only a web browser. This cloud-based software also known as SaaS has several distinct advantages over the typical client-server, on-premises model used by GP.

Know Your Company’s Guidelines

Your company has some guideline that outlines the milestones and goals you want to achieve over the next coming years. The goal here is to determine whether GP can accommodate these milestones and goals. If one of your goals is to increase the mobility of your workforce. For example, GP may become a hindrance because it's not designed to be a cloud-based product.

Data Migration

Tools of Data migration help customers to move data from any of the existing Dynamics products to Business Central. However, most customers will require a more sophisticated approach to getting data into Business Central. If you have made customizations or modifications that extend the existing data in your existing ERP system.

Create Schedule, and Budget

It’s now clear that, for most GP users, moving from GP to BC is a question of when not if. While you do have options for the short term, the most realistic approach is to expect that you will need to change ERPs within the next few years, and now is the time to plan, budget, and start researching a viable product and partner who can help you. MetaOption is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner that helps businesses to grow and increase their productivity with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV.

For more information and a tailored demonstration contact us today at MetaOption.

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