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Help dispatchers eliminate paperwork, redundant reporting and manual administrative work

Let’s admit it - for dispatchers some work tasks seem tedious and redundant over time. It’s these manual time-consuming tasks that take time away from what really breathes life into your business, such as providing high level customer service and thinking of new innovative ideas for the company. Thinking outside of the box and looking for new ways to succeed is important. However, there are field service management best practices that should be incorporated into your business.

There isn’t a single strategy that will work for every company offering field services, but these field service management best practices for dispatchers are a great place to start.

Empower your mobile workforce

Most companies realize the importance of having a mobile field service management solution. However, few understand the importance of real-time communication and collaboration. Where dispatchers and technicians are able to communicate and share data in real-time to resolve complex issues end-to-end.

Provide a mobile application that gives dispatchers and technicians everything they need, even when offline. Both dispatchers and technicians should have complete visibility into work orders, maps, parts availability, checklists, historical job details etc.

Getting the right work orders to the right technicians in the field

Streamlining your work order planning and scheduling process is one of the most effective ways to improve service management operations, increase efficiency and customer service.

An effective way to increase efficiency for technicians is a well-executed work order planning and scheduling process.  ExpandIT Resource Planning supports dispatchers. It allows for real-time visualization of key parameters for resource allocation, such as job completion status, estimated travel time, technician skills, geo-position, and more.

Effective dispatching starts with effective communication

Improving the communication of assignments to field service workers is essential. One of the key aspects of the dispatchers’ job is to make sure that the right people are aware of what tasks they need to complete (where and when). Additionally, they must ensure they have the information to complete the task successfully. The ExpandIT solution enables dispatchers to communicate with both the customer and service technicians using SMS, email or phone.

Integrate field service management with existing systems

Many software applications are used as standalone solutions to support business processes. However, the real benefits are gained when multiple systems are able to communicate with each other. If you choose to integrate your field service management software with other systems, you can automate tasks and make it easier for the dispatchers to streamline the technicians’ workflows. ExpandIT Resource Planning integrates with Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems. Technicians can easily access data to prepare more effectively for a service visit.

After introducing the ExpandIT Field Service Management solution more than two decade ago, ExpandIT continues to equip the field service management industry with the solutions and capabilities needed to keep pace in the market.

Despite the constant changes in the field service management industry, the best practices described here will keep your field service enterprise competitive.

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Written by John Macdonald, Group CSO and Regional President North America, ExpandIT

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