5 Signs It Is Time To Invest In A Field Service Solution

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Your business is growing, administrative tasks are overwhelming, duplication of work is abundant, errors and manual processes are slowing your down, and your competitors are a step ahead. Does any of this sound familiar? If it does it is time to invest in a field service solution.

Let’s look at the 5 signs it is time to invest in a field service solution in detail:


The number of employees you have in the field has increased

Once upon a time, it was easy enough to keep track of where the employees were and what tasks they performed. However over time your company and the number of employees in the field has grown. It is no longer as easy to keep an overview.

If you find that planning and keeping track of field tasks can be a challenge, it's time to do something about it.

Digital order and process management can help keep in touch with employees. It ensures you're constantly up to date on task status.

Administrative tasks take too much time

Work cards, timesheets, material notes, invoices and various other types of documentation pile up They remove the focus from critical business tasks. Paperwork overwhelms employees both in the field and the office.

With digital order and process management, you can automate some of the manual processes. This will save time and money on administration.

Duplication of work

If you are still working with manual or paper-based processes, you are duplicating work and wasting time.

With digital order and process management, you can streamline your processes and integrate directly into the financial system. Additional, you can easily transmit information entered in the field to the financial system without double entries.

Too many mistakes

Every time a number has to be copied from a paper to a digital system there is a risk of errors. Human errors such as fingers hitting the wrong keys or illegible handwriting.

With digital order and process management, field employees can enter the information directly on their mobile devices. Skipping the manual step in the process minimizes the risk of errors. It eliminates empty or incorrectly filled-in fields on the work card. Likewise, checklists ensure that all necessary fields are filled in before a work card can be completed.

Competitors are a step ahead

If your competitors have already invested in digital order and process management, they are guaranteed to be reaping many benefits from it. If you don't want to risk 'doing what we usually do' and giving competitors a head start, now's the time to focus on optimizing your processes.

Learn about the ExpandIT Field Service solution at www.expandit.com.

Written by John Macdonald, Group CSO and Regional President North America, ExpandIT

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