TRIMIT Helps Shift Complex, Variant-Based Product Sales Online During Pandemic and Beyond

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When the global pandemic hit in 2020, demand soared in some industries while plummeting in others. Think stockpiling vs. oil and gas. This shift affected everything in operations, from the supply chain and inventory management to fulfillment and delivery—virtually overnight. One business function that bore the brunt of this was IT, as B2C and B2B consumers started to prefer ecommerce over in-store purchasing.

Managing Complex Variants

But managing complex, variant-based products like those from parts suppliers, production companies, and metals manufacturers along with those in industries like home décor further complicated matters. Those were the organizations that needed a bird’s eye view over which machines were in production at all times, so they could adapt production to align with shifts in demand. And now they would need to provide a flood of new ecommerce customers with immediate answers to questions on availability plus pricing and delivery schedules for custom-designed items. Industry-specific functionality to handle this would typically involve a custom IT solution.

Enter TRIMIT, an add-on solution for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (NAV).  With a built-in product configurator that could create the Bill of Material based on a formula calculator, TRIMIT could tie logical expressions for calculations with both routing and time consumption. Easily set-up requisite conditions and control which products could and could not be configured. Relevant purchase and production specifications could also be generated automatically.

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Product Configurator

TRIMIT’s configurator lets any organization handle variants and dimensions, define relations amid variants, route based on quantities or variants, add discounts based on variants, even calculate matters like weight, material consumption, and volume. This solution also integrates with Office programs and external vendor or customer systems to provide for smooth electronic order flow and communications. As a result, customers are served faster and businesses close more sales.

Contact Admiral Consulting Group to learn more about TRIMIT’s product configurator or for help in determining whether or not it’s right for your business.  Admiral is a leading Microsoft Dynamics solutions architect partnering with clients in manufacturing and distribution to streamline operations and improve their bottom line.

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