Get the Warehouse Facts with FactBoxes from Insight Works for Business Central

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FactBoxes are a feature of Dynamics 365 Business Central that provides users with helpful information about the page being viewed. A FactBox can include other pages, charts, and system parts such as notes and links. For example, on a page that shows a sales order list, you can use a FactBox to show sell-to customer sales history for a selected sales order.

Now the joy of FactBoxes is coming to Warehouse Insight. Warehouse Insight is the warehouse management system (WMS) app for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Warehouse Insight brings mobile device and barcode scanning integration to the warehouse floor. Warehouse Insight Version 2.5 will see users able to leverage FactBoxes on held hand devices.

Warehouse Insight FactBoxes are fully configurable to enable companies to tailor the application to their processes. There are over 15 FactBox options that users can apply to the many sub-apps found within Warehouse Insight. For example, a FactBox can include an image of an inventory item. This image FactBox can be included on the receiving document so staff receiving stock can visually verify the received item is correct.

FactBox options include header comments, line comments, customer details, bin contents, images, web pages, and more. In addition, multiple FactBox options can be included on many different document types, including sales, purchasing, production, shipping, receiving, pick lists, and others.

Warehouse Insight makes it simple for businesses to access warehouse data from the warehouse floor. Now Warehouse Insight users can access even more information with the introduction of FactBoxes. To learn more, visit or install the trial app from Microsoft AppSource.

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