Why Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Businesses need ERP Software?

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Efficient business processes, centralized management, quick decision making, and clear analytics have become essential for any business to grow in the modern-day scenario. Each industry has its own reasons for implementing suitable ERP software. Whereas, ERP software for the pharmaceutical industry not only enables the consolidation and integration of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes across multiple units but also helps businesses to keep track of operations across the organization.

Why Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Businesses need ERP Software?

MetaPharma, an Advanced Pharmaceutical ERP solution helps businesses in organizing their procurement processes, while reducing production and delivery time. Also, it helps manufacturers to be in compliance with cGMP requirements, in addition to providing a simple and cost-efficient process model. Being an ERP for Pharmaceuticals Industry, it understands formulation management requirements and integrates with your operations to provide real-time information.

Important Features of ERP software for Pharma Industry

  • Mobile Warehousing Management
  • DSCSA Track & Trace Compliant
  • CSOS and ARCOS
  • Quality Control
  • Orange Books
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Serialization Lot and Serial Number Traceability
  • Bill of Materials

Benefits of ERP Software in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

MetaPharma, Pharmaceutical ERP software offers the following benefits:

  • ERP systems for pharmaceutical manufacturing ensure absolute compliance to the stringent regulations
  • Eliminate risk by delivering safer products of superior quality at the right price and right time
  • Introduce new products to market faster and cheaper than competitors
  • Real-time batch monitoring to make perfect business decisions
  • ERP software for the Pharmaceutical Industry helps in maintaining formula secrecy
  • Respond quickly to customer demands
  • Smoothen operational process flow and enhance profits
  • Enhance the quality, consistency, and speed to deliver drugs to market
  • Control costs through reduced wastage, optimum material utilization, and inventory management
  • Pharma ERP software offer end-to-end bi-directional traceability, from the raw material to the finished product

This way, ERP software for pharmaceuticals helps manufacturers streamline their entire operations and take a proactive informed decisions to outlast the competition.

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