Tips and Recommendations for Dynamics GP Security

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Security should always be top of mind when working remotely. The following is some guidance on Dynamics GP Security recommendations from our team at GP Support North.

  1. Do NOT use the Microsoft Dynamics GP client locally on your laptop/desktop to connect to the GP SQL Server via a WAN or VPN remote connection. The Dynamics GP databases should never be accessed remotely over the Internet via the GP client. Doing so can cause a variety of issues.
    • The Endeavour recommended approach is to use a VPN Dynamics GP security 2021to a remote desktop session via one of the following four options.
      1. Terminal Server
      2. Citrix Server
      3. Microsoft Remote Desktop Services
      4. GP Private Cloud (see our recommended pricing and premier service)
  2. As of GP 2021 (GP 18.3) for those who are using Active Directory and Office 365 for email within GP. Dynamics GP is now compliant with MFA authentication with Active Directory to support users using email to send invoices and documents from GP.
  3. As of GP 2020 (GP 18.2) you can now set Password expiry dates in Dynamics GP to coincide and match the password expiry dates within your Active Directory. This should help to better manage GP passwords and more frequent changes (ie every 90 days)
    • Dynamics GP 2018 R2 now provides users with a notification 7 days in advance of their login password expiring. This allows users to proactively update their passwords before the expiration date specified in the password policy configured by the system administrator.
  4. As a reminder for some spring clean-up, be sure to make any users who have left your organization as inactive. Dynamics GP perpetual licensing supports concurrent users and thus you can have as many user accounts as you please. Just be sure to set the level of security access to appropriate levels for screens and functions relevant to each user.
  5. Be sure to have your overall IT infrastructure managed and monitored for external threats. Included would be strong firewalls, advanced Microsoft security tools, and various anti-virus / anti-spam. Of course, training and tools to combat the recent rise in Phishing and Ransomware should also be in place to protect the accidental sharing of passwords and remote access credentials to external criminals.

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