Streamline Operations of your Retail Business with LS Central

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Streamline Operations of your Retail Business with LS Central

ERP software is designed to help the flow of internal business processes and allow for communication between the various business departments and their internal functions and data. LS Central is a fully integrated retail management solution built on Dynamics 365 Business Central. By using it instead of many, you can cut software and system administration costs, say goodbye to integration costs, have consistent financial data, control prices, simplify and speed up upgrades, and access all your business information as and when you want.

Full functionality with LS Central

While Dynamics 365 Business Central comes with standard finance, supply chain, sales, and project management functionality out of the box, retail businesses can really take full advantage of its functionality when they extend it with an industry-specific solution like LS Central.

It built on Dynamics 365 Business Central and powered by Microsoft’s Azure cloud, LS Central delivers the deep industry functionality that retailers and hospitality providers require now and tomorrow to manage their business successfully. It is a unified commerce platform that is develop from the ground up to handle every aspect of a retail business. From the front of the house, back office, product replenishment to staff management.

Like Microsoft, LS Retail is constantly improving and updating the solution so it can grow with your business needs, and move with your customers’ demands.

LS Central includes specialized functionality to:

  • Streamline staff management, track performance, and improve communication with employees
  • Automate tasks, to reduce manual work and time wasted
  • Decrease out of stocks and overstocks
  • Forecast inventory
  • Track your performance with AI-powered BI
  • Create ad hoc reports
With LS Central you can manage all your business operations and processes within one environment, and have all your data within one database. In other words:
  • Stop wasting hours looking for information across different databases.
  • Stop doing the same work many times on different software.
  • Have data in one place, and see how your business is doing at a glance.
  • Understand what to do to cut costs, grow revenue, and increase loyalty.

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