How LS Central for Retail can redefine your business process?

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, despite its name, is not just for enterprise-sized companies. Almost all businesses can benefit from an ERP solution. ERP software is designed to help the flow of internal business processes and allow for communication between the various business departments and their internal functions and data. Most companies use many software tools and systems to run their business resulting in redundant work, poor communication, ineffective collaboration, lack of access to accurate, real-time data, and other costly issues. Moving to an ERP solution can help resolve many of these issues.

How LS Central for Retail can redefine your business process?

Here, LS Central is a fully integrated retail management solution built on Dynamics 365 Business Central. By using it instead of many, you can cut software and system administration costs, say goodbye to integration costs, have consistent financial data, control prices, simplify and speed up upgrades, and access all your business information as and when you want.

Here's a summary of the new functionality of LS Central for full Retail Management:

Improvements to statement calculation and posting

We have substantially improved and optimized the performance of the statement calculation and posting functionality. We have refactored the process for replication counter updates. This resolves possible deadlock issues during statement calculation and posting. Now you can also automatically create and calculate statements for stores in an incremental way, and perform statements batch posting in parallel.

Reduce the wait for the end-of-day calculation with automation

You can now set up the system to automatically create and calculate statements for stores. The statements will be calculated incrementally, with each calculation only including new transactions. This way the calculation time can be spread across the business day, minimizing the waiting time for the last calculation of the day.

Offers total channel integration

LS Central offers total channel integration. This means you can track sales, stock and productivity live on all your channels. Get a holistic view of your customers, orders, business, and marketing and always be on top of all activities taking place in-store, on the e-commerce platform, and on mobile.

Reduce statement posting time with parallel posting

You can now post the statements in the batch posting queue in parallel, with multiple sessions. Define in the setup how many statements you'd like to post in parallel, and LS Central will spin up the needed background sessions to work on the statement posting. Depending on your server's specification, this can reduce the total statement posting time tremendously.

Use a dual-display through the LS Central AppShell

When you start LS Central through the LS Central AppShell, Windows version, you can now access support for a dual display. Enable the dual-display in the Terminal card, and it will start automatically, opening by default on the secondary screen. A dual display can be useful to show information on the customer-facing screen. For example, you can show the POS journal with the total amount to pay or display advertising videos when the POS is not online.

Configure keyboard shortcuts for POS commands

You can also now trigger POS commands and button clicks via keyboard shortcuts. This kind of configuration can be useful to speed up sales for the POS user.

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