7 Ways Dashboards Are Changing the Game for Distributors and Manufacturers

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You know the saying…be careful what you wish for? Remember the days you wish you had more data? And now that supply chain is digital, you actually have too much of it. Now, you just wish you had a better way to control, consolidate, share, and use in a profitable way.

That’s the competitive advantage dashboards are giving to distributors and manufacturers. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with your own data, when it’s easy to manage and share. Listed below are three (3) of the seven (7) ways dashboards are changing the game for distributors and manufacturers:


Demand planning and forecasting provide the foundation of information that will impact every aspect of your organization. From inventory to production to financial management, resources are allocated and committed based on forecasts and planning.

Demand planners in your organization need dashboards built on centralized data, collected across sales, the supply chain and through production. Planner dashboards should focus attention on key supply chain and inventory indicators


Spreadsheets have long been the foundation of forecasting, but with a growing number of SKUS they simply can’t support informed decisions. Forecasting algorithms can bring all the data points together plus handle seasonality, short life cycle products, events, promotions, new product introductions and more to give your planners broader perspective.

A forecasting dashboard that presents data collected from across the supply chain empowers your team to analyze, question and apply their knowledge based on complete


For growing organizations, it’s risky to be too dependent on that ONE person who has the gut feel for purchasing. There are so many factors affecting purchasing—from kitting dependencies to hub and spoke warehousing—you need an automated system to collect and analyze the relevant data.

Dashboards can help purchasing agents get a birds eye view to balance the supply chain variables, working proactively with vendors and optimizing stock.

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