4 Things to Consider When Moving From Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365BC

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Perhaps Microsoft Dynamics GP has served you well for many years. But as your business grows and evolves, you may be considering  a switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365BC (Business Central.) Because they are both Microsoft products, you might assume that all it would take is a straightforward upgrade that your tech department could handle easily. In reality, it’s not as simple as that.

Before you decide to switch from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365BC, you should consider four vital aspects:

  1. Dynamics 365BC is not just an upgraded Dynamics GP.

The move from Dynamics GP to Business Central is not a matter of clicking a button and going on with your day. However, Microsoft does have tools that will make it much easier to transfer your data from one system to the other.  Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 BC are unique products; they offer different functions and utilize distinct terminology. So, you will need to understand how your current business processes will be handled in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

  1. Business Central’s chart of accounts structure is new.

Dynamics GP users are used to seeing their entire chart of account string in one field. You might have separate segments, for instance, Natural Accounts, Divisions, Departments, but each combination requires a unique account. Meanwhile, Dynamics 365BC offers a natural account that allows you to create Dimensions when entering a transaction. The flexibility of the Dimensions feature provides for increased reporting opportunities and will significantly reduce the size of your chart of accounts; however, the newer format will require some planning.


  1. Business Central’s functionality is superior.

Dynamics 365 Business Central brings various functional enhancements. For instance, with Dynamics 365BC, you can export sales order lines directly into Excel for updating  (with validation to data in BC) and reimport the data for use. (See our blog post to learn more about using Excel with Dynamics 365BC.) Before you implement Business Central, it is essential to make sure your team is ready for the improved functions. Planning ahead will help everyone adapt to the new solution and reap the full benefits of Dynamics 365BC.


  1. Switching to Dynamics 365BC from Dynamics GP is not overly complicated.

Migrating to the new solution will require taking into account the chart of account difference. Also, you’ll want to consider any third-party solutions you are running. Some may no longer be necessary because of Dynamics 365BC’s enhanced functionality, and many will already be compatible with Business Central.

A certified Microsoft Dynamics partner can implement the new solution for you or provide the guidance your tech team needs to do it themselves.


Logan Consulting is a trusted Microsoft Partner that has helped many companies transition to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Contact our experts at Logan Consulting and let us show you what a move to Dynamics 35BC can do for your business.

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