Why We Care So Much About Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV User Training

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At Innovia Consulting, we have focused heavily on user training for decades. This emphasis has taken many forms, including supporting user groups, teaching at Dynamics events, and even hosting our own webinars and workshops. Today, user adoption training is part of every project we do; teaching has become a core part of our identity.

But why? Surely it makes sense for a partner to hold back training so that customers come back to them again and again for billable work on even minor issues. We've found over the years that that simply isn't true. Instead, the more our customers know about their system, the more satisfied they are—both with their ERP and us.

But that isn't the whole story! Let's explore five reasons why Innovia focuses so heavily on training.

1.      Trained Users Submit Better Support Tickets

One of our teams of consultants and developers at Innovia is exclusively a support team for all of our customers to reach, 24/7, whenever they have an issue. In many cases, the bulk of our team's work has to do when a customer submits a problem is to find out what's really going on. This process becomes difficult when the customer doesn't have the experience to clearly articulate the issue.

If users are trained, though, they provide detailed reports to our team, let them know what they tried, and use the correct terminology so that our team can move faster and resolve tickets sooner.

2.      Teaching Builds Trust

Think about all the people in your life who have taught you something impactful. Does a smile come to your face as you do?

That's one of the key reasons Innovia focuses on training. As we teach customers and prospects, we build positive relationships that pay off in long-lasting, trusting partnerships. Because we've told them something that worked, they're more likely to listen to us in the future.

3.      Our Customers Ask for It

One of the most common things our customers ask is if we offer training on a specific topic. We can!

When a new system is first launched, our customers need resources to handle the gargantuan task of training their entire team on the new software. We get that, and so end-user training is part of our standard implementation process.

4.      Our Community Is Fun

At Innovia, one of our core values is recognizing that we spend a lot of time together, so we should make it fun. As we've interacted with user communities over the years, we've found repeatedly that these organizations are full of remarkable people who are a joy to be around. And when you have fun together, you want to spend more time together, learning and growing as professional colleagues.

5.      Our Team Loves to Teach

When we first started asking our team to devote time to training, we discovered something fantastic. They enjoyed doing it! Once they started, they kept asking us for more opportunities to lead sessions or virtual webinars. Whether for any of the reasons listed above or to build their expertise and professional reputation, the Innovia team can't get enough teaching users about Dynamics.

Interested in Learning Something New? Join an Upcoming Workshop

One of the most recent outgrowths of our commitment to training is our Innovia Training Workshop series. We offer in-depth sessions with some of our experienced consultants and developers. Each class focuses on a specific topic in Business Central / NAV—from finance to manufacturing to workflows and more!

Best of all, we offer company-based pricing, meaning you pay one registration fee for as many people from your team as you want to attend.

Innovia Training Workshops

Browse all our currently scheduled sessions, register for one that interests you today, or request a workshop from our catalog to let us know you'd like it planned on our website.

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