Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Your Options and Strategies

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Do you have a version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that is outdated or no longer supported? If so, sooner or later, you're going to notice that it is holding you back from achieving all that is possible. Before you schedule an upgrade, we'd like to share with you some options and strategies.

Western Computer has put together a white paper:  Strategies for Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365.

Upgrade Strategies for your CRM solution.

We believe this white paper will be helpful to you in making upgrading decisions and executing them strategically. Here's a brief overview:

What to consider about upgrading:

Your current CRM system
What do you think of the CRM system you are using? Is it functioning reasonably well and meeting the needs of your business? Are you running it on-premises or in the Cloud? Are you satisfied with that mode of deployment? Does it do everything you were promised and everything you hoped for? Was it highly customized to meet your business's needs, and has it met those needs well? If you are running it on-premises, does your hardware require an upgrade?

Evaluating your existing system is a critical first step in the upgrade process. How you move forward depends on where you are now. Honestly analyze your current setup and capabilities and compare them to your documented goals.

Upgrading vs. starting over
Does your organization merely require an updated version of your present CRM? Do you need enhanced functionality, or do you require fundamentally redesigned processes? If your current CRM basically works ok for you and you find the procedures sufficient, you could opt for a step-by-step upgrade to a newer version of your CRM. But if your existing system includes inefficient processes or your security roles have changed, or your last implementation didn't follow best practices, starting over might be your best option.


Deployment options: on-premises vs. Microsoft Cloud (or Hybrid)
Decide how you want your new version of CRM to be deployed? Hosting in the Microsoft Cloud can offer you increased functionality, security, and disaster recovery. The Cloud option also costs less upfront and offers automatic updates. But if your business requires that you have complete control of your own security and technical support, you'll want an on-premises or hybrid (partner-hosted) deployment.


License requirements
Do you want to purchase licenses upfront, or would you rather pay by the month with a subscription? Your decision could be affected by the number of users you'll have and whether that number is likely to fluctuate.


Project timing
How quickly will you require your new CRM to be up and running? What amount of personnel resources can you allow for a software project? Upgrades are generally faster than a start over, so if you need a rapid turnaround, you may want to choose a step-by-step upgrade to a newer version of CRM.


Want to discuss your options for upgrading Dynamics CRM?

This is a short summary of the kind of issues you'll want to consider when upgrading or choosing a new implementation. For further information, including details about what functionality you'll get with either an on-premises or Cloud deployment, please download our white paper.

Also, our Dynamics experts provide an educational webinar on CRM upgrade strategies. Watch it on-demand right now. Find out what you can expect and see a sample project approach.

Watch our OnDemand Webinar now.

Further questions?
Our team at Western Computer is here to help you evaluate your options, choose the appropriate upgrade path, and build a practical roadmap to take you forward. Contact us today.

By Western Computer, www.westerncomputer.com

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  1. Such useful information for someone like me know who doesn't know much about the topic! Thanks for sharing and i can't wait to delve deeper into some more of your content! 🙂

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