Managing Leave Time in GP: PTO Manager vs. Comprehensive Leave Manager

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Managing Leave Time in GP: PTO Manager vs. Comprehensive Leave ManagerEvery business is faced with effectively managing leave time for employees. The complexity of your organization, coupled with new laws such as mandated sick time and unique reporting requirements, can present many challenges. Which leave management solution for Dynamics GP is right for your company?

PTO Manager vs. Comprehensive Leave Manager

What are the similarities and differences between PTO Manager and Comprehensive Leave Manager for Dynamics GP? When is PTO Manager the right solution to choose? What factors would require the need for the Comprehensive Leave Manager? Watch this informative debate, where the features of both leave management solutions are discussed, and the winner for your organization is revealed.

What You Will Learn:

While both leave management solutions for Dynamics GP are proven, established, and easy-to-use—we want to help you identify the perfect choice for your business.

PTO Manager is sufficient if your company has one plan, and not a lot of complexity. It is suited for one or two leave balances, with a simple accrual schedule that can be processed during payroll processing.

Comprehensive Leave Manager becomes interesting if you have more than two leave balances, and you want to be able to update balances outside of payroll processing….and much more.

Learn more about how each solution helps with managing leave time in GP by looking these important requirements:

  • Types of Leave – Do you need accurate tracking and reporting of just vacation and sick time? Or do you also need to manage comp time, bereavement time, mandated sick time, etc.?
  • Accrual Schedule – Common scenarios around hours worked by pay period/year, years worked, balance management, carry over limits. Do you need more options in these categories, with the ability to handle multiple rules and data ranges?
  • Accrual Options – Is it sufficient to process accruals during payroll only, or does it make sense to be able to process accruals at other times?
  • Reporting Options – Are the standard Dynamics GP reports giving you and your employees the information they need? Hear about the ability to generate employee leave summaries and employee transaction details, which reveal what has impacted their balances.
  • Check Stub Options – Are balances on check stubs and earning statements enough? Would it be important for employees to see the balances of what they can use, rather than just available balances?

Who Should Watch:

Companies who are already managing leave time in Dynamics GP but need more functionality, or are considering leave management options for their business.

Integrity Data knows leave management. The HRP Extended Pack for GP (now offered by Microsoft), was authored by Integrity Data, and includes PTO Manager. Integrity Data has also developed Comprehensive Leave Manager. Contact us to learn more about these leave management solutions for Dynamics GP, and get expert help finding the best fit for your organization.

Written by Integrity Data


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