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The disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic have thrown many businesses into panic mode.  If only we knew in advance how drastically things would change, we could have been better prepared. Of course, nobody foresaw a year like 2020. But now that we've all been jolted awake, what can we do to prepare for future unknown challenges and safeguard our business continuity?

Even though no one can accurately predict the future, there are ways to prepare for the unknown. Making the most of your business systems is an excellent start.

Start by automating your accounting process

Automatic electronic workflows for standard chores such as purchase approval, invoice coding, batch payment, etc., will streamline work and increase accuracy by removing user-error risk. You don't have to change your processes completely, but they can be simplified for greater efficiency.

Automation can also make it much easier to transition your accounting processes to other locations should the need arise.

Check out these articles for specific ways that automating key processes will protect your business continuity.

Go Paperless with ACH

Setting up ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments will allow you to make and receive payments paperlessly. That means no more writing checks, waiting for the mail, or going to the bank. And what a bonus to not have to worry about printer problems.

During the height of the pandemic, with many working remotely, the reliance on paper was a problem for some organizations. Some couldn't issues checks except in the office. On top of that, postal service is not always as reliable as we would like, and delays could mean overdue payments or serious cashflow issues. ACH is immediate. If you have yet to switch to ACH, this is the best time to do it.

Check out these articles for specific ways that ACH can contribute to your business continuity.

There are more paperless options, such as electronically building a virtual paper trail by attaching purchase orders to sales orders.  Our Dynamics experts at ArcherPoint can help you find the best solutions for your Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central system.

Train and support your ERP users

Between crises is the best time to invest in user training, but what about when business is booming? ArcherPoint offers training when you want it as well as support during difficult times. Monthly support plans have you covered no matter what comes next.

Our support plan options include:

  • A resource dedicated to your account
  • Annual onsite or virtual visits
  • Annual server health checks
  • 24/7 support

Your team members will get the help they need when they need it with our support plans for NAV/BC and Azure/Microsoft 365.

Consider moving to the Cloud

Cloud computing helps you minimize risk, increase flexibility, facilitate collaboration, and free your teams to work from any location.

  • Using Azure can protect your business from lost data by securely saving your ERP data in the Cloud. This automatic backup should be a vital component of your disaster recovery plan. Protect against natural disasters or loss due to cyberattacks.
  • Moving to Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) and Teams facilitates collaboration between your teams, allows them to work out of the office, and provides automatic updates to keep everyone in your company up to date. All this with minimal IT overhead.

Learn more about what the Microsoft Azure Cloud and Microsoft 365 have to offer. ArcherPoint can also help you get Teams up and running.

Reduce your upgrade costs

Right now, you can get current and stay current on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (365BC) at a fixed price and a slower pace. With the language change of C/AL in Dynamics NAV/Navision to AL in Business Central, upgrade costs had gone up. However, with Microsoft allowing both languages and base application modifications in Business Central, some of these costs could be put off until later versions.  The current version of Business Central only allows for modifications in the AL language – no more hybrid language installations moving forward, and no more modified base code. Ultimately, this is a plus because your future upgrade costs will be much less than the historically lengthy, costly, and complicated upgrades.

The last version that allows both AL and C/AL modifications (both company customizations and ISV add-on solutions) is Business Central 14. This version will not be available after the September 2021 release of Business Central.

The future of upgrades is very bright for Dynamics 365 Business Central users – but you need to get there first. Enter ArcherPoint's Get Current, Stay Current plan.

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Ensure you have good Power BI And Reporting

Keeping a pulse on cash flow, sales trends, and inventory levels is essential to successfully dealing with slowdowns and disruptions. Tracking the proper KPIs and effectively reporting on them is critical.

Our team at ArcherPoint is here to help you prepare your business for the uncertainties of the days ahead.  Contact us, and let's talk about getting your business ready to meet the challenges.

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