What makes the LS Central POS system a Real fit for your Business

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LS Central POS system

LS Central is a unified software solution for Retail. Built on the robust and ever-reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV) platform, LS Central is undoubtedly one of the only retail platforms that give you end-to-end solutions right from the Point of Sale right up to back-end financials. All information is in one central location, allowing you to track sales, stock, and productivity in real-time across all your locations from your head office. When you are looking for the best for your retail business, look no further. A fully integrated retail management solution, LS Central eliminates the need for disparate stand-alone systems and unifies all your channels into one centralized database.

The functionality of the LS Central POS system

EPOS and Mobile POS

The LS Central POS runs on your favorite computer, tablet, or mobile device, so wherever you are, you can:

  • Process secure, EMV, and PCI compliant payments with the LS Pay functionality.
  • Assist shoppers with product information.
  • Perform critical back office and inventory functions.
  • Check product availability across all stores and warehouses and order items.

Boost sales with assisted selling

By running the POS in client-ling mode, you can empower store employees with access to your entire catalog. The highly engaging visuals provide assisted selling, sparking interest and conversations. With the client ling view, which is available in every version of LS Central, you can:

  • Browse and show products in all your store locations, warehouses, and even your vendors’.
  • Compare items side by side, alongside detailed product information.
  • Help customers find exactly the item and style they want.
  • Give highly personalized and engaging sales advice.

Self-scanning options and self-checkout

Select the combination of traditional checkout tills, self-scanning systems, and self-checkout tills or even kiosks that best fits each of your stores. LS Central can run on different types of hardware, so you can choose the setup that works for you.

Sell at the POS in offline mode

While most cloud-based retail POS doesn’t work without an internet connection, leaving you unable to process sales if the internet goes down, with LS Central the POS also works in offline mode. This means you can always be operational, and go on with your business selling products and serving customers even when there is no connectivity.

Benefits of LS Central

Facilitate global players to meet local requirements

  • Systems can be configured to comply with different legal and fiscal requirements in the country of choice.
  • Allow headquarters to monitor the performance of every branch across locations or countries.
  • Central management of pricing, item, campaigns, offers, and promotions for better control.
  • Unified business processes and workflows across different channels, industries, and countries.

Empower employees to do more

  • Provide customers with detailed information, make the sale and perform inventory allocation within the store.
  • Engage with new customers and assist them in discovering and purchasing items with conversational commerce tools.
  • Upsell and cross-sell with AI-powered product recommendations.
  • Allow employees to perform different functions across departments with the same system and interface used across both, the front and back end.

Boost customer engagement

  • Ensure consistent customer engagement by maintaining a consistent look and feel irrespective of the channel.
  • Deliver relevant and personalized offers and recommendations across all touchpoints.
  • Run loyalty programs that reward customers across channels.
  • Empower customers to engage and purchase products via multiple channels.

Enhance operations

  • Automate tasks, to reduce manual work and time wasted.
  • Make informed decisions with real-time business data.
  • Gain a 360-degree view of the business with one centralized platform.
  • Save on IT maintenance costs with a single centralized system.
  • Choice of on-premise, on cloud, or hybrid – depending on your preference

MetaOption is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and offers business extensions for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Every Dynamics 365 Business Central extension is seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics world.

For additional assistance for working with functions in LS Central, contact the MetaOption team.

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