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For companies that offer Make-to-Order or Assemble-to-Order options for customers, you are likely familiar with the concept of configurators. Configurators provide several core benefits, including:

  • Save users significant time when quoting or designing products
  • Reduce manual input and improve efficiency and accuracy in sales quotes and orders
  • Simplify the ordering and quote process for staff

Insight Works offers a configurator app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and it is called Product Configurator. When you use Product Configurator, you will see additional benefits, including automatically generating Assembly or Production BOMs/Routings on Sales Orders and Quotes.

Product Configurator integrates seamlessly with Business Central. The app is not a bolt-on solution; instead, the app works within Business Central using a single, familiar interface.

How it works

Product Configurator includes a Bill of Materials (BOM) Designer where users select an item; the user is then presented with a list of all configurable options. Take a computer retailer, for example. A sales associate may choose an “Office PC” from the item category, at which point the following configurable options are available: Processer, RAM, Hard Drive, Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse. The associate will simply select the quantity and detail for each option and select “Okay.” The sales order or sales quote auto-populates with all of the details. At this point, an assembly order can be created.

Take another example where goods are manufactured, for example, office furniture. In this case, a desk is being customized with finishes, doors, shelves, and trim. Product Configurator will know if a specific number of shelves are required and will automatically include it on the sales order or quote depending on the desk’s length. In this particular case, a BOM and routing are created rather than an assembly order. Furthermore, labor elements are added, like drilling for doors and assembly, based on the configured items.

Product Configurator automatically adds up the pricing of the options and provides a total. Users can view item costs to ensure they are making an adequate margin.

Configure Bulk Orders

The app from Insight Works includes a bulk configuration editor, which comes in very handy when companies deal with bulk orders that consist of many different options. For example, an order of 20 desktop computers where each system requires different specifications.

Using Formulas to Automate Calculations

Product Configurator provides a good front-end user experience. The same can be said when it comes to configuring item options. Product Configurator offers a lot of powerful functionality. Manufacturers will appreciate the ability to enter formulas based on selected options. For example, a company may offer custom workbenches where the customer can choose the height. Product Configurator can apply a custom formula to determine the length of square tubing needed for the table legs. So, if the bench height is 3.5 feet, the calculation may look something like (3.5*4)*1.1. The formula includes the bench height (3.5 feet) multiplied by the number of bench legs (4) multiplied by 1.1 to account for 10% scrap. In other words, the BOM will indicate 15.4 feet of square tubing is required. Product Configurator offers many choices when it comes to setting up options within Business Central.

With Product Configurator, you’ll stop searching endlessly for part numbers, reduce errors and streamline the ordering process. Product Configurator from Insight Works is available for Business Central SaaS, Business Central On-Prem, and NAV. To learn more, reach out to your Microsoft Dynamics Partner or visit

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