Your Worlds Colliding: Power BI and Dynamics GP Payroll

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Your Worlds Colliding: Power BI and Dynamics GP Payroll Are you looking for a quick way to assimilate the latest payroll analysis capabilities provided by Power BI within your Dynamics GP environment? Or maybe you are unaware of what Power BI can do for your Dynamics GP payroll data?

Danny Clemenson and special guest, David Laster, bring you a collision worth celebrating! Watch our on-demand session to learn a new, visual way to review payroll transactions in Dynamics GP Payroll with Power BI and get an intro to more Power Platform tools.

Take Your Payroll Insights to the Next Level

Get a detailed look at how to set-up and integrate the full spectrum of analysis capabilities that Power BI brings to Dynamics Great Plains. Understand Power BI capabilities better, and also how table structures work in Dynamics Great Plains (Open tables, Historic tables, Setup tables), for optimum data integrity and analysis.

What You Will Learn:

See real-world examples and custom analysis tips for 4 key features of Power BI:

1. Dynamics GP payroll employee analyzer and payroll dashboards

2. Payroll posting account analyzer – tips for proper set-up

  •      GL accounts and payroll posting accounts
  •      Paycode slicer and tree map analysis
  •      Payroll set-up analysis and reporting possibilities

3. Pay run reporting and analysis – find outliers and discrepancies quickly

  •      Pending payroll analyzer
  •      Pending timesheets
  •      Hours by paycode and department
  •      Financial output and payrates

4. Employee 360 analyzer, reporting and analysis

Who Should Watch:

If your business is wanting to unlock the potential of Power BI for payroll analysis within Dynamics GP, or maybe you are just interested in a new way to look at and analyze your payroll data - this video is for you.

Please contact our Integrity Data payroll experts with questions or help leveraging Power BI for Dynamics payroll.

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