Kodak Selects Dynamics Business Central and PrintVis

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VPress, Microsoft, PrintVis, and Kodak partner bringing an end-to-end MIS, Prepress, and Web2Print solution for Print Manufacturers.

Kodak announced that it's collaborating with Microsoft to provide state-of-the-art business solutions to the graphics and print industry. The announcement on Kodak's website outlines how the collaboration with Dynamics Business Central and PrintVis creates one of the first and only comprehensive software solutions for all applications and printers of any size.

Dynamics Business Central and PrintVis

A little bit about PrintVis and Microsoft.

Microsoft's Business Central is a mid-market Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Microsoft sells 3 other different ERP systems; Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL, and Dynamics AX.

How Dynamics Business Central and PrintVis fit together

Kodak and PrintVis (along with Microsoft and VPress Web2Print) are making waves. Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is built to be extended. That means Microsoft designed and is encouraging customers and vendors to add on to the main product. This allows specialized industry vertical add ons that integrate into Business Central that satisfy specific industry needs.

Microsoft has software experts that are good at creating software for the day to day operations of average businesses. They struggle when it comes to the print or graphics industry because it's so specific in its needs. Paper, impositions, substrate, etc. are terms that Microsoft developers are not familiar with. Kodak and PrintVis on the other hand are.

Kodak and PrintVis fit well together based on the options in the market for MIS solutions.

The MIS segment of the print industry is something that is relatively new to me. One thing I noticed that's different, compared to other ERP systems, is that North America has a small number of middle-tier MIS solutions. Yet there are hundreds of middle-tier ERP solutions in the general manufacturing ERP market. EFI and Avanti are the only 2 middle-tier MIS solutions that I know of that are from North America.

What happens to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and PrintVis when Kodak is introduced?

It is difficult to predict the impact that Kodak partnering with PrintVis will have on the MIS market. One thing for certain is this announcement will create a significant boost in the interest and intrigue of what the combination of Dynamics Business Central and PrintVis will bring to the table.

North America has several implementation and training companies that you can purchase PrintVis from. The most experienced choice is Sabre Limited as they have been involved in Dynamics Business Central and PrintVis implementations and training for years. Sabre has developed a proven track record of how to implement PrintVis successfully for a variety of print manufacturers, and we have the knowledge under our belts of what does and doesn't work for different types of printers.


Now that Kodak and PrintVis are working together, Dynamics Business Central and PrintVis have really hit their stride. This publicity has drastically increased the amount of information that will be shared with the public, and North American PrintVis resellers will all benefit.

The Sabre Limited team are implementation experts and are here to help businesses activate and implement PrintVis MIS. Since 2008, we have been selling Microsoft Dynamics Business Central for manufacturing. We are very well respected by our peers as leaders in manufacturing implementation. Our expertise and knowledge not only of the product but of manufacturing processes are why customers decide to choose Sabre.

As the most experienced reseller in Canada and the US, Sabre is ready to take advantage of all this sudden attention.

For more information, read our full version blog on Why Kodak selected Dynamics Business Central and PrintVis.

Need some help?

Looking for pricing for Dynamics Business Central and PrintVis? Check out our PrintVis price guides on our PrintVis and Dynamics training information page. If you are an existing Business Central or Dynamics NAV user interested in PrintVis, we can help you determine how you can add this MIS into your system. If you would like any questions answered visit our website or give us a call at: (519) 585-7524 x.45 or contact our team, we're excited to talk with you soon!

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